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Viral ‘simple’ math problems are causing serious divisions

Viral ‘simple’ math problems are causing serious divisions

My hands started to sweat when I saw the headline above in my work list. My heartbeat increased and there was a feeling of deep panic in my soul. I had a real physical reaction to the word “math”. At school, it was something that bothered me a lot and obviously, it didn’t stop.

However, I was determined to solve this “simple” viral math problem. Which, invisible, may be a higher goal.

But, to be honest, the math problem was not a very difficult one. I love to see so many math teachers I didn’t even have to “show off my work”. I could do it all in my head, and it made me feel pretty dizzy. However, after taking a deep dive into the sequence of operations, I can be more confused than when I started.

So what’s the problem? 8 ÷ 2 (2 + 2). This little equation that is causing this kind of fuss on social media platforms and creating rifts among people from all walks of life.

On Twitter, where it all started, some users claiming to have a math degree say an answer. Many commenters are annoyed (or say they have lost all hope of humanity) because people get different answers. Did you get

All about the operation order

The division is clear. People usually come up with a solution of either 1 or 16. Let’s break it down to see How You will get both answers.

I’m at camp. I dug deep into my brain and Type I remember the algebra class many years ago. So, this is my disclaimer: I have never claimed to be a Matthew. But, then I quickly came up with the answer to “1”. I was so excited that I figured it out and so on Easily. I mean, I must be a math whistleblower.

Then, I consulted with my husband and to my surprise, he came back with an answer of “16”. I wasn’t feeling so dizzy anymore. I approached it the way I was taught, PEMDAS. Meaning: parentheses, index, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction. In her OrderWithout addition and subtraction, which will be dealt with from left to right.

Okay, it looks like another camp … no. These clowns think that multiplication and division are given equal importance and you will do what comes first from left to right. Okay, they probably are No. Joker it Definitely Maybe I was taught wrong and the answer could actually be 16.

So, is it 1 or 16?

I guess that’s the final question. My husband texted me 16, but then when I answered “16 ?!” He returned with an answer of 1, saying that he had forgotten the sequence of operations at first.

After that, I consulted with my brother-in-law, the engineer. He also came up with the answer to 1. My sister was next; He is always good at math. He also came up with the answer of 1.

The The majority The ones I asked (and one) Online poll) Agreed that the answer is 1, and that’s good enough for me, at least for now.

However, several online forums and YouTube channel 16 get the answer. Honestly, I can’t think about it anymore and it seems like there’s a high probability that I’ve been taught wrong. Feel free to hash it out in the comments if you feel the need!

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Janelle Brown takes a hike, assuming she’s split from Cody

Janelle Brown takes a hike, assuming she’s split from Cody

A mother is going for a walk with her children.

She’s smiling for the camera.

He shared this picture on social media and got many comments in response.

By itself, this is a simple and innocent act.

General Brown hikes

But General Brown does not live in emptiness.

Longtime Sister Wives star stays in the spotlight and Under A microscope and as a result, he could not upload a simple picture without the weight of many clever and anxious observers.

“My flagstaff-based kids and I went hiking on a fun day! (See my stories for more details),” Janelle wrote as a caption to the snapshot above Saturday, adding the following hashtags after doing so:

#gooutside #adventureinyourownbackyard #arizonastateparksandtrails #tontonaturalbridg.

General on Instagram

Many followers quickly noticed that Janelle looked very happy in the picture … while also pointing out who was missing from an outside adventure.

Why does Cody never go? As one user wrote, others echoed this sentiment as follows:

Sadly, their father never stayed with them.

I never see Cody join your family.

Cody and Janelle Brown on air

Over the past few weeks, Janelle has made several trips without her spiritual wife – all of them.

He even took these trips with Christine Brown, with whom Janelle was close, even long after Christine announced that she had moved away from the same kind of spiritual reunion with Cody.

Can Janel talk to her friend about doing the same thing?

Could she be the next Sister’s Wife to finally realize once and for all that she has been in some kind of unhealthy relationship for years now?

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown in Sedona

Remember, back in Sister Wives Season 16, Janelle openly thought about what she was doing with Cody.

Her children have grown up.

She treats him badly.

What’s the point at this point?

Janelle and Christine party hard

“With Cody and me now, our relationship is very exciting. And you know, it’s easy to get away,” Janelle said earlier in the broadcast.

In all subsequent specials, Cody would not even say that he fell in love with Janelle.

“We’re not really good partners, but we’re only able to have a marriage that, if you will, is less in attachment,” Cody actually said in the special, as confidentially and emotionally as possible.

“I don’t even know it. We’re good friends, we’re doing well. It’s a lot more, like, just a committed relationship,” he added.

Janelle Brown thinks

After the season ended, meanwhile, a report in US Weekly claimed that Christine Cody’s departure would one day persuade General to do the same.

“She sees how happy Christine is now that she is ‘free’ from Cody and is seriously considering separating from him,” Us Weekly wrote in the article.

“Christine and Janelle are very close and they talked about it …

“[Kody’s] Trembling and worried that Mary or Janelle would leave him. “

Jason Batman’s mother breaks silence over ‘coldhearted’ actor’s alleged ‘cruelty’

Jason Batman’s mother breaks silence over ‘coldhearted’ actor’s alleged ‘cruelty’

Jason Batman She is one of the few child actors who has been fortunate enough to sever ties with a role that introduces her to the business. She and her sister Justin Growing up on camera, working Little house on treeless meadow And Family ties Respectively but according to a tabloid, siblings have no love left for their mother. But according to a tabloid, the siblings have no love left for their mother that brought them into the business, Victoria Batman Those got into their business in the first place.

Did Jason and Justin Batman ‘deny’ their mother?

Jason Batman has found his footing in Hollywood in the role of a helpless member of a dysfunctional family Development of arrests. But according to the latest version National Investigator, The true story of the Batman family is not so different. In an exclusive interview, Victoria Batman talks about her relationship with her kids. “I would have died if it had depended on my kids,” Victoria said bluntly. He recalls that in 2019 when he was struggling in the hospital for a failed kidney transplant, Jason and Justin abandoned him.

“My body is starting to shut down. When I was helpless in life support, my children turned to me. My daughter even told the doctors to pull the plug, ”she complained. Apparently, the articles argue, Justin and Jason did not express much gratitude to their parents for their help in starting their careers as children. Contempt is apparently still alive and well today.

“They have not contacted me since 2019. I email and call Justin and Jason but get no answer. Not at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Not even on Mother’s Day! ” Victoria admits. “I’m even more saddened that when they were younger I was able to move on quickly to their careers and livelihoods. I would urge everyone there, ‘Take care of your mother, who always loves you.’ “”

Here is what we know about Batemans

Every story has two sides. While Victoria Batman certainly turns out to be a heartbreaking story, family problems are always more complicated than ever appearing on the surface. For example, Victoria says her children should be grateful that she raised them. But in past interviews, Jason has hinted at not having such a rosy role with the industry. “I don’t think there are a lot of people who would say it was a healthy situation,” he once said of his experience as a child actor.

So, although we cannot personally argue with what Victoria is saying, we prefer not to place too much faith in one-sided accounts. Until Jason responds to his mother’s allegations, which we doubt he will ever have, there is no reason to keep them.

An unfaithful rage

The biggest red flag in this story is that it was published in a magazine. This is one of the rare times National Investigator Some real insights into the personal life of a celebrity were able to cough. But most of the time, Investigator Makes money by spreading lies about celebrities. Just this month, the outlet reported that Mick Jagger was cheating on his girlfriend without any evidence to back her up. The magazine then claims that Faye Dunaway is hitting Jack Nicholson. And more recently, the publication has complained that Danny Divito is trying to get back together with Rhea Parliament. We are usually skeptical about anything Investigator Reportedly, regardless of who is fed this quote.

Fireworks or TNT? The pairing of these 4 zodiac signs is an explosive match

Fireworks or TNT? The pairing of these 4 zodiac signs is an explosive match

The influence of the stars on our personal selves extends from our daily routine to our deepest, darkest fears. Each unique zodiac profile speaks to a different personality and lifestyle. When these profiles are combined, it can be either magical or messy.

They affect us individually, they determine how we relate to others. They can detect toxic relationships from light years away. But they can see that there was no pairing in Cosmos long before the first introduction.

The four zodiac signs, in particular, form a particularly explosive bond. Are they fireworks or TNT type explosions? Well, that depends.

1. Taurus and Pisces

The couple embraced the parable
(Praew Jutatip /

At first glance, Taurus and Pisces may not be compatible. Taurus is famously stubborn, while Pisces is infamously passionate. But on the deepest, most subconscious level, this pair could not be more perfect.

Taurus is very special about both their immediate environment, physical space and the people in them. This skillfully created home base brings a sense of security and familiarity to the mental Pisces. The unwavering, reliable nature of Taurus reduces the underlying anxiety and depression of Pisces.

Moreover, the contradictory properties of the symptoms serve as invaluable lessons for both. The head of Pisces softens the head of Taurus, while the ground of Taurus is will-washed Pisces. The pleasurable, romantic nature of Pisces people helps them cope with the depressing stubbornness of Taurus. And the omnipotent attitude of Taurus reassures the insecure Pisces.

Both Taurus and Pisces want to love and be loved at their core. This partnership allows them to express (and receive) the deeply desired affection.

2. Aries and Sagittarius

The couple holds small flame balls together
(GoodStudio /

It is no more explosive than these two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius. Like their ruling element, these individuals can be warm and charming, or they can burn down every bridge they come across.

But together, their pair fixes the flame and maintains the other. Where Aries is prone to rebellious emotions, Sagittarius can redirect and re-focus. They inspire Aries not only to win but to win for a good cause. And when Sag’s tunnel vision becomes too tight, Aries tells them first.

This burning pair is certainly an irresistible pair. If they set their minds on it, they will probably achieve it. Yet, if they do not practice self-awareness and open communication, they risk starting to compete with each other. When this happens, the two can lock in a severe stalemate.

However, when temperatures are mild, it is difficult to find a more complementary pair. The heat enclosed by their bonds is evident even to outsiders.

3. Leo and Scorpio

Couple in a flower water container with heart
(Mary Long /

On paper, nothing should work about Leo and Scorpio. The former is a fixed fire sign; The latter is a sign of a certain water. But when all the conditions are there Just Well, their antagonistic elements are transformed into a rolling, emotional boil.

Both signs demand respect — although Scorpio, a little more calmly. People born in Scorpio have a strong feeling towards others. They are very sensitive to social dynamics and energy flow, which gives them a clear vision of their shameless, courageous Leo. Scorpio’s ability to control attention silently intrigues and inspires the glamorous lion.

Despite their cold external condition, Scorpios are incredibly emotional and insecure. Leo’s natural charisma and affection cool and warm the distant Scorpio. Also, Scorpio likes to work behind the scenes. They will gladly leave the center stage bright Leo, and Leo will gladly accept.

Leo and Scorpio can fight to see their worst days before their eyes. But on top of their best, they are the ultimate power couple.

4. Virgo and Capricorn

Women are helping other women by maintaining balance
(Mary Long /

Speaking of power couples যদি if you want to get the job done, ask a girl and Capricorn. These realistic, hard-working people bring out the best in each other (even if it means keeping their feet on a few toes).

Both Virgo and Capricorn are well known for their intense work ethic. This pairing is rooted in mutual respect for problem-solving, goal setting and personal responsibility. In fact, this pairing can often be laborious for a fault. Because of this hyperfocus they will miss the burnout symptoms between themselves and their partner.

But in general, the pair work well together. Capricorn is a natural leader, and Virgo is a natural modifier. When the cap is stuck, Virgo can untie the knots and reveal the way forward. While this may hurt Cap’s ego for a second, it’s easy for these realists to see that the ends justify the way.

The pair act as a relay team, picking up the slack and falling back if necessary. In the end, it brings them both to the finish line quickly.

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Kelly Clarkson allegedly monitors her ex-husband’s dating life and money

Kelly Clarkson allegedly monitors her ex-husband’s dating life and money

Is Kelly Clarkson stalking Brandon Blackstock? A report says American Idol The winner is tracking her ex-husband’s love life and finances Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Kelly and Brandon’s Twisted Games’

According to Lifestyle, Clarkson is monitoring Blackstock’s every move. Although their divorce was final, he still did not let her go. “She’s been told by her informants what’s going on with Brandon – who she’s dating, what she’s spending – and she’s spying on Kelly,” the source said.

The two are known to be super paranoid about each other. Blackstock recently asked Clarkson through court to turn off security cameras at their Montana farm for the rest of his stay. “Friends think they just need to move on because it’s not good for anyone,” said one insider.

Is Kelly Clarkson ahead?

This story gets the basic information of this story wrong. It’s not “their” Montana Ranch. This is after Kelly Clarkson, because she won it in divorce. Blackstock has been allowed to rent at a premium until May. It is difficult to move forward when an ex is still living in your home.

Unless Blackstock tries a fun business again, this should be the end of this part of the story. It is true that Blackstock asked to turn off the security camera, but the court documents do not say why he asked. This story also fails to mention that each camera in question was on the outside of the property, not on the inside.

Lifestyle This nugget of truth, took the problem of the camera and distorted it into a description of Clarkson desperately chasing Blackstock. What Clarkson wanted to do year after year is now moving forward. After her divorce was finalized, a source said People“Kelly is definitely happy to be divorcing … she’s really able to start the next chapter of her life with her kids, and she’s more busy with her career than ever before. She’s in a great place.”

Gossip Cop Do not doubt for a second. Even by Hollywood standards, it’s been a fairly divorce. It is unreasonable to suggest that Clarkson employs “informants” to track every step of the blackstock. Without any evidence beyond the request of the inconsistent temporary court, it is simply a load.

Clarkson bashing constant

About a year ago this crappy outlet claimed that Clarkson was pushing for a divorce. It was a transparent attack on his body, before that, Lifestyle Clarkson runs a cover story about repenting for a divorce. Obviously, this was not true, or they would not have dragged it to court for another two years.

We also see many stories of Clarkson taking revenge on Blackstock by evicting him from a farm where he was not really allowed to live. It’s amazing why this tabloid will run on the side of Blackstock in all this. As the father of his children, Clarkson will never be completely free from Blackstock. Once June turns around, however, he will leave Montana and this will undoubtedly make it easier.

Meghan Merkel’s sister’s court claims could be hour-long statements

Meghan Merkel’s sister’s court claims could be hour-long statements

Meghan Merkel A case with her estranged honest sister is in the early stages Samantha Merkel. Samantha’s new demand could take the load of Meghan’s time. Here is what he wants.

A Merkel family refresher

Thomas Merkel once married Roslyn Loveless Merkel. Together they had two children: Samantha and Thomas Jr. When Thomas and Rosilin divorced in 1975, he soon met Doria Ragland. The two were married before the divorce two years later and they had a daughter, Meghan.

A few years later, the divorce was finalized. For some time, Meghan was close to both her parents. Her father was invited to her wedding to Prince Harry, but then things changed. Thomas hired a paparazzi to photograph her around Britain, and Meghan’s letters began leaking to the press against her will. He is now one of Meghan’s fiercest critics.

Samantha has followed in her father’s footsteps. He and Meghan were quite estranged before the royal wedding, but that didn’t stop Samantha from noticing her honest sister in the press. He blames Meghan for Thomas’ recent stroke and is suing Meghan for character defamation. It’s a big ugly mess.

The latest in the case

In a civil case filed earlier this year, the notorious Oprah Winfrey is taking Samantha Meghan to court for her interviews and comments on the book. The search for freedom. Samantha is outraged by Meghan’s comments about the two being “virtual sisters” and she is making false accusations against Meghan for spreading a rag-to-rich story.

The latest twist comes from Tate-a-Tate among the sisters’ lawyers. Samantha asks a judge to order Meghan to sit down for a statement that could last up to seven hours. Most civil cases end well before they reach trial, but Samantha and her lawyers say they want to see a jury. He is seeking more than $ 75,000 in damages.

Meghan Merkel’s lawyers are firing back

Meanwhile, Meghan’s team of lawyers, including those representing Michael Jackson’s estate and Kim Kardashian, have already filed a bid to dismiss the case. The party argued that “this is a defamation suit without any qualifications.” In particular, they are quoting the fact that Meghan did not write The search for freedomWriting: “The author of The search for freedom Megan wrote the book or otherwise controlled its writing and editing. “

A judge will rule on whether the case can proceed by June 3. If so, it is safe to say that Meghan was determined to get out of the seven-hour standoff.

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Why Prince Harry wanted to marry Meghan Merkel so quickly, the royal biographer explained

Charles Spencer shares Princess Diana’s amazing throwback as a little kid

Keilih Holt, Josh Dugar’s ex-girlfriend, breaks 12-year prison silence

Keilih Holt, Josh Dugar’s ex-girlfriend, breaks 12-year prison silence

Kaeleigh Holt dated Josh Dugar when the couple was 14 years old.

He was present at the Dugar family’s 2006 TLC special, 16 children and moving inside (Its forerunner 19 children and counting) And his name made social media rounds a few months ago as his mother, Bobby Holt, testified in December at the sexual assault trial of Josh Dugar.

Bobby Holt testified during the trial.

And the testimony he gave was of a disgusting nature to Josh, as Bobby recalled the time when Duger confessed to him that he had molested his sisters as a teenager.

Josh GF

That brought us back to last week, when Josh Dugar was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for illegally downloading graphic photos of minors on his work computer.

In response to this result, Kylie Holt went on Instagram and shared some thoughts about what she thought was the “final piece of the puzzle”.

“My biggest concern goes to all the victims,” ​​Holt wrote.

“While for us it may be a bit off for everyone outside, it’s going to be a long life for them, for Josh’s kids.”

Kylie Holt

Kailig says he realized that Josh and Anna Dugar’s daughter, McKinsey, was 12 years and seven months old, which is “exactly what.” [Josh’s] There was punishment. “

He described it as “strangely significant”.

“He’ll be gone for half of his life,” Kelig wrote, adding:

“These kids don’t deserve this kind of fatherhood and it’s going to be a lifelong therapy for them, and I hope they get it.”

Josh Dugar bowling alley

According to Bobby Holt, his daughter is preparing to marry Josh one day – until the family finds out about Josh’s immorality scandal and pulls out of the deal.

That’s pretty bullet Kaeleigh Dodge, huh?

“I encourage you when you stop and think about this punishment today – or year after year – that you will think about children and victims and pray for them, because it will be long lasting for them,” he said last week. Done.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“It’s a very, very difficult day. [A] It’s a very, very hard day for them. “

Josh and Anna Dugar and Fam

Along with Holt, other members of Josh’s family spoke in terms of his punishment.

For example, Jill Dillard and her husband Derrick posted a response on their website:

The last few weeks and months have been emotionally difficult. Yesterday was another of those difficult days. We are not happy or disappointed by the sentence, but we are grateful that it is over.

The Bible clearly states that God accepts justice and retribution through the ruling authority.

Although some believe that Josh should have received a greater punishment and still fewer people believe that he should have received a lighter punishment, God has avenged him today for his unspeakable criminal activity.

Josh Dugar is a bad dad

This message ends:

To date, he has not yet been held accountable for much of his dangerous behavior.

It’s unfortunate, but it looks like he could spend more than a decade in federal prison, and for some more experiments, Josh has the potential to be rehabilitated so he can live safely in society again.

Hopefully, Josh can actually start treatment and start working towards a lifestyle where he is less likely to re-offend.

If nothing else, the notoriety of this case will hopefully contribute to the prevention of potential offenders and help protect children by reducing the demand for CSAM.

We continue to love Josh and his family and will be there for them as much as we can.

Josh Dugar looks happy

Elsewhere, Jason Dugar opens with a sentence:

In my opinion, Judge Timothy L. Brooks was justified in his ruling that Josh was given a sentence that would be considered moderate to low for the crime he committed.

My heart goes out to my brother for the choices he has made, his actions do not reflect that of a Christian believer and have undoubtedly insulted the name of my Lord and Savior!

Joshua’s bad decisions have profoundly affected the people around him, especially his wife, seven children, and our entire family.

Josh Dugar close up

Jason summed up his statement by saying that he could not give back to any relative completely:

By saying this, I will never stop loving my brother, no matter what he does, just as my Savior forgave me, so I forgave my brother for his wrongdoing!

My prayer is that God will use this situation to make him truly humble and make a real difference in his life!

Blake Lively has been accused of stepping down on Ryan Reynolds’ vacation

Blake Lively has been accused of stepping down on Ryan Reynolds’ vacation

Is Blake is alive Shooting down Ryan Reynolds‘Planning for a romantic vacation? A tabloid claims that Lively and Reynolds are at odds over how to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Let’s check the ex Green lantern Co-star

Is Blake Lively Rejecting Ryan Reynolds’ Romantic Gateway?

This week, New ideas Report Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have different perspectives on their 10th anniversary. An insider explained that the couple had set “a week or two away” to mark the occasion, but Reynolds was apparently a bit adventurous for a taste of liveliness. Sources say Reynolds has set his heart on a romantic camping trip in the Canadian wilderness, but is far from selling the idea lively.

“Blake adjusts to Ryan’s love of camping much more than we know,” said a “family friend” at the outlet. “They took it [their three daughters] Lots of frequent wildlife [and] They always have a nice time, but it’s hard work. Blake really wants to do something relaxing and hopefully with a lot of sand … maybe go back to Lord Howe Island, where he filmed Shallos

Did Lively say ‘no’ to Reynolds?

While this is far from the most enticing story we have covered here, it is probably a complete work of fiction. Why would a “family friend” risk the romantic journey of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds to spread their plans in a random tabloid? We really have no idea how lively and Reynolds plans to spend the show, but neither does this rage.

Also, we can do net picking here, but who is camping for two weeks? According to the tabloids, Reynolds and Lively were on an “or two weeks away” deal, so why stay on a camping trip table? If Reynolds really recommends camping for half a month, then we need to be on Lively’s side. While this is rarely a smoking gun, it is another aspect of this story that we are taking seriously.

Tabloid on Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Of course, New ideas This is never true of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. In 2020, the outlet tried to claim that Reynolds was cheating live with Sandra Bullock. The magazine then claims that Reynolds was living in “misery” with Lively. And recently the publication complained that Reynolds was choosing to work on his wife. Obviously, New ideas Reynolds and Lively aren’t really talking to any of their “family friends.”

Jason Momoa fans are worried about his health after he was posted from the hospital

Jason Momoa fans are worried about his health after he was posted from the hospital

Fans of it Jason Momoa The actor is expressing concern after posting a picture of himself doing MRI, friends and social media followers are making noise in his comments section to wish him well.

Pictures of Momoa Post Hospital, concerned fans and friends

“You have to break some eggs to make an omelette,” Momoa captioned a photo of himself lying shirtless on an MRI machine. “Aloha J. Thanks to my Ohana and friends. ” Justice League Co-star Gal Gadot commented, “Oh no!”

Actor Pablo Schreiber writes, “Oh no! Are you alright man? “Concerned fans too.” Hopefully the doctors have found the problem and can help fix it !! Niramoy Vibe is being sent, ”wrote one. Another joked, “But the real question is did it instill some wisdom in you?” Sorry … There my mom is being channeled for a second. Hope all is well !!! “

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post People The actor underwent MRI as “OK” and “Caution” This is not the first health problem Momoa has faced recently.

Her recent health problems

The actor revealed that he underwent surgery to remove a hernia just a day before attending this year’s Oscars and soon after the filming ended. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. “Well, I just finished [filming]”She is OK Extra. “So … I had hernia surgery yesterday. Dead bodies were thrown around. I’m getting old, brother. ”

Some wonder if the MRI scan had anything to do with the stunts he had to perform during the filming. Fast X.The next movie Fast and furious The franchise filming has just been wrapped up and since Momoa is known for running strictly on the set, he is likely to be injured while working.

Momoa’s romantic life

This is not the only major event in Momoa’s life. The actor, who recently broke up with Lisa Bonnet, is currently dating actress Iza Gonzalez. “It’s very casual,” said a source Our weekly. “[They are] Have fun and get to know each other. “

The two have been rumored to be an item since April after they were spotted together at a premiere. “Ever since they met, there’s been an attraction,” the insider continued. “They’re both very attracted to each other and they’re watching to see where things go.” The Aquaman The star did not reveal the reason behind her MRI, but fans and friends are happy to hear that she is OK and hopes that she will stay healthy.

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Fans upset with ‘Joypardi’! Host Mime Bialik, author of Marijuana Jokes

Fans upset with ‘Joypardi’! Host Mime Bialik, author of Marijuana Jokes

Mayim Bialik There has been an uphill battle with Danger! Fans this week, he and the writers are in the hot water for a cannabis joke. Let’s find out now.

An off-color joke

In the May 24 edition, the section was “Tear off the title” Danger!. The answer was “the marijuana issue is usually referred to this ‘committee’ consisting of members of both houses of the legislature.” Ryan Long, the current champion and cat breeder, guessed the bipartisan committee, but he was wrong.

The correct question was “What is a joint committee?” Bialik added, “Will you get it?” The studio did listeners, because there was some laughter. The joke here is obvious, just a simple double entender where the two meanings of the word “joint” are involved. Bialik and Danger! Authors have seldom noticed this at first.

In 2015, Massachusetts Senate President Stanley Rosenberg took legal action against marijuana. He pointed out the futility of the enterprise that it should all be in a joint committee. Rosenberg smiled and explained: “It’s really funny. I didn’t try to make fun. They are called joint committees. ” One would think that a good enough joke would be good enough for a politician Danger !.

Instant hatred for Bialik

While the joke kept most people unprepared, some Twitter users weren’t happy with what they heard. One user wrote, “Oh, but wouldn’t the #Jeopardy writers please think kids are watching, and their delicate ears that have just been exposed to cannabis references?” This sounds almost like a Simpson Reference, but it still resonates with some people.

Twitter being Twitter, things slowly became a pile in Bialik. Something Sprang his defense. The original author deleted the tweet, later writing “Things can snowball without your knowledge.”

One user took the comment privately, noting that alcohol is far more deadly than marijuana and that “ignorant jokes like yours do not help.” Nothing if Twitter is not split.

Another person mentioned that all this is a nonsense. If a real child “gets it”, they are already exposed to weeds.

Bialik cannot win

A few months ago, Bialik was at the center of controversy when he briefly called the opening round. Danger! “Single Danger” Round. There was a field day on Twitter, and Bialik addressed the issue. He said, “It’s not like Miami is a villain! Everything is observed very carefully. I have a word in my ear, I promise. “

With that in mind, one-off jokes are probably not his fault either. The The Big Bang Theory The star has been hit for much longer than Trebek. This one weed joke was more lame than harmful, so hopefully, everyone can move on.

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Controversial ‘Joypardi!’ Champ shares his choice for the next host

‘Risk!’ Fans accuse the champion of being ‘drunk’