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Rebuild Julia Roberts’s huge wave with a simple tool

Rebuild Julia Roberts’s huge wave with a simple tool

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Whenever someone tells me that I can recreate a celebrity hairstyle, I always have the same thoughts. Of course, I think – hundreds of dollars worth of products, high-quality extensions, endless time and a team of nine professional stylists are doing it for me.

On top of the confession I admit, I also have long, fine hair. So, my hair does what it wants to do and something else. Even if I try to recreate a superstar look, it will probably be flat in less than an hour.

But when I saw Julia Roberts’ Hairstyles at the 75th Ear Festival, my eyes lit up. I immediately recognized that hair technique এবং and this time, I actually knew how to recreate it.

Beachy Meets Old Hollywood

Roberts wore his signature Auburn Lock in the air, shoulder-length waves. Unlike curls that can curl up and extend downwards, Roberts’ waves retain their shape from root to tip. Several layers of this deep wave make her hair look effortless.

The waves were deeper and wider than the wind, the appearance of a rough beach. But they weren’t as deep as traditional finger waves. The look is a perfect line between bohemian and Old Hollywood glam for a modern, glamorous style.

How to recreate the look at home

The 54-year-old actress’s appearance at home is surprisingly easy to recreate. All it takes is the right tool আরো more specifically, a wave plate or swing.

A weaver is a hot styling tool with a unique, deep-set barrel. For a curling iron or stick you need to wrap and curl your hair around the barrel, holding a swaying hair. It works similarly as a crimper but without the appearance of a crooked twisted sister.

Bedheads Wave Artist Deep Weaver features a deep-set barrel made of tourmaline ceramic. Tourmaline ceramic emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions in your hair. When you style your locks it shrinks and locks with moisture.

These deep waves come with three heat settings. Not only can you style without worrying about your hair loss, but you can experiment with different temperatures to achieve different looks, from light tossing to dramatic peaks and valleys.

To use your weaver, stick the tool around the small part of the hair from head to toe. Hold the barrels around the hair for about two to three seconds, then repeat. The technique is simple and easy on the joints — no twisting, re-clamping or coiling.

Holy grail for stubborn hair

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is it Only Styling tool that can control my long, delicate, straight-a-board lock. Usually, even professional stylists can’t curl my hair in a way that doesn’t fall out in an hour.

Believe me They all tried. We are all disappointed. But with this swing, my hair stays wavy and big all day long. Most days, I would wake up The next day Still intact with my waves (though a little tingling).

Plus, when I say long hair, I mean Long. My hair falls just above the bones of my tail, and it doesn’t take me more than 20 minutes to shake my whole head deeply. For collarbone- or shoulder-length hair, it only takes a few minutes.

If my personal experience isn’t enough to convince you, maybe more than 33,000 five-star reviews on Amazon will do the trick. Deep Weaver is a beauty-must-have, especially for those who have thin or stubborn hair.

And for less than 30, it wasn’t as easy as looking for an A-list celebrity.

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Alec Baldwin fought Hillary for their $ 60M prep last year, suspect

Alec Baldwin fought Hillary for their $ 60M prep last year, suspect

Did Alec Baldwin And Hilaria Baldwin Wrestling on their prenup? Last year, a rumor spread about an impending Baldwin divorce. I look back at that story to see what happened.

The Baldwin’s ’60 Million Prenap ‘

Per In contact, Alec and Hilaria were considering changing their prenup for reports of copying his Spanish accent. Alec was apparently not happy with the news. An insider said, “Even if he lied to her … it could mean the end of their marriage and their fight over 60 60 million in prunes.” Hilaria then came under fire when a tick-tock post apparently proved that she was lying about her Spanish heritage and apparently pretended not to know what the English word cucumber was.

As we mentioned at the time, this story is based on the idea that Alec was deceived by the public. This is not true. Alec defended Hilaria during the fierce debate. This was rarely the first time a tabloid claimed that Baldwin’s marriage would end for trivialities. The Baldwins welcomed their sixth child when this story came out, so everything was fine.

Did Alec Baldwin Get Divorced?

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are still married, so this story was bogus, in the beginning. Gossip Cop Suppose it is possible that they have reconfigured their prenup, but only they and their lawyers can know for sure. Last year proved to be a painful one for the family.

On October 21, 2021, Halina Hutchins was accidentally shot dead on the set of Alec’s movie. Rust. Preliminary reports indicate that Alec pulled the trigger, which he now unequivocally denies. Tragedy engulfs Alec’s entire life. Hillary has sided with him on the whole issue. Cracks in the intensity Rust The shooting and the Spanish scandal may not be widespread, but they prove that the Baldwins are still loyal to each other.

In fact, they are having another child. Hilaria is pregnant with the couple’s seventh child. Their future is growing together as their family.

Divorce gossip is still plentiful

Rumors of Baldwin’s divorce have grown since Hutchins’ tragic death. They Alec claims the marriage was dragged down because of the incident. Meanwhile, the National Investigator A voice stress analyst was quoted as saying that Baldwin was lying about his role in the shooting. The meaning of such a big story is inevitably going to be this kind of irrational thread that has no truth behind it. Gossip Cop Alec and Hilaria were just too happy to debunk this story together.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles ‘terrified’ with the introduction of Prince Harry

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles ‘terrified’ with the introduction of Prince Harry

Is Prince Harry Platinum determined to ruin the jubilee? A report states that he and Meghan Merkel Has been “panicked” Queen Elizabeth And Prince Charles With their purpose. Gossip Cop Investigates

Prince Harry’s revenge

Per The sun, Markle and Harry join Platinum Jubilee with a huge movie crew from Netflix. Sussex is reportedly filming a documentary about their lives, somewhat hypocritical after leaving the royal family. It threatens to “steal pleasure from the queen,” says a royal biographer.

To make matters worse, Harry is working hard on his memoirs, so there are 1-2-punches to hit the foundations of the monarchy. Both projects are due to be completed by the end of the year, and this has cast a shadow over what should be a happy time for the royal family.

It is a happy time

First, the release dates of the documentaries have not been announced. The source directly accuses Harry of being a hypocrite for filming a docusari after calling it a zoo-like royal life. Sure at first glance, a camera with both is pointing at you. However, there is one memorable difference: control.

In a Netflix documentary, Harry and Merkel control everything. They may decide whether Archie and Lilibate Diana will even appear on screen and they will probably have a say in the final cut.

There is a precedent

Making your own docusari is actually a royal tradition. In 1969, Elizabeth and Company starred in a well-titled documentary The royal family. The documentary brings the camera inside their home in a strictly controlled environment. The reception was mixed: some thought it made the royal family look more out of touch, others enjoyed learning what they could do.

These docs are basically Harry’s The royal family: A chance to tell a version of their story for her and Merkel. It may blow in their face, but only time will tell. Is Elizabeth really so vain that a memoir allows her to avoid ruining her platinum jubilee? Despite Prince Andrew’s allegations of pedophilia, he still stands by her side. Elizabeth does not seem to care at all about what the press is talking about.

Bash Harry for everything

Platinum Jubilee is an easy way to see how Sussex can’t win in the eyes of tabloids. When it seemed like they wouldn’t show up, stories about them being banned for life or breaking Elizabeth’s heart in the process. These descriptions were clearly false, so now the tabloids are attacking them to go. Suddenly they are causing fear for Elizabeth and Kate Middleton. They can’t win.

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Breaking Royal Protocol for Prince William, Kate Middleton Fan

Snag Sunday Citizen’s Cooling Loungewear for 20% discount on this Memorial Day

Snag Sunday Citizen’s Cooling Loungewear for 20% discount on this Memorial Day

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Although I can relax in my lounge, I hope It is Working hard can make my favorite comfortable clothes warm and comfortable enough while still cool and breathable. It can’t have any uncomfortable elastic cut on my waist or back.

And comfortable with the love of everything, I don’t want to spend my whole day feeding with strap adjustment, shorts hiking, or waistband. We don’t have to work hard for lounge, do we?

I think so of course — and Sunday Citizen did when it created the revolutionary butter model line of loungewear. Butter Modal Fabric is a feather blend of modal, acrylic and spandex. As the name suggests, it is also smooth to the touch.

In fact, it’s so light and silky soft that it almost feels like you’re walking around naked. Enjoy incredible comfort with Sunday Citizen’s irresistible cozy lounge (without drafts or, you know, complaints of public indecency).

Comfortable, as well as cool, And Silky soft, I want my lounge to be as versatile as possible. I want to be able to get things done fast without looking like that on the way to a sleeping party.

So, the first Sunday Citizen piece that caught my attention was this windy boat neck tee. The neckline of the boat is wide enough to be comfortable but not so wide that it will fall off your shoulders all day long. Also, the three-quarter sleeves run in that fine line between very hot and very cold.

Of course, r The best Part of this is its versatility. It looks (and feels) amazing with leggings, biker shorts and sweat when I’m around the house. But I can also pull it up in a pair of high-waisted jeans or pop it in a blazer for a neat, polished look.

For maximum comfort, you can pair your boat neck tee with a pair of butter model jugs. These loose-fitting pants have a soft, stretched waistband. There are no waistbands, so you don’t have to worry about knot feeding — or worse, accidentally losing the string during washing.

The straight-leg silhouette gives this ultra-comfortable loungewear a sophisticated, modern look. In addition, the snug ankle cuffs make these pants great for exercise, yoga or chasing kids around the house. And when you think it can’t get any better — these jaggers have pockets too.

Whether you’re going full-on couch potatoes or knocking out a to-do list using your day off, these joggers will keep you comfortable and cool while doing it. These chic joggers are the closest you can get to walking in public without pants.

Butter Modal Rob

$ 115.00

Buy now

Light, airy, and comfortable

• ruched back details

Cinched waist tie

Feature pocket

• 83.6% modal, 10.7% acrylic, 5.7% spandex

Comfortable and chic loungewear is nice, but sometimes, it is better to enjoy the worn out, unpleasant comfort. The Sunday Citizen ended the idea with its silky smooth butter modal Rob.

This is not your average, heavy terry cloth dress. Sunday Citizen’s hilarious outfit includes backpacks, waistbands and pockets. Its long sleeves and calf length keep you comfortable as you get out of bed. Meanwhile, the luxurious feel of the butter model fabric will make you feel confident and glamorous, ready to take the day off.

With free shipping and returns, you can’t go wrong

Sunday Citizens Loungeware may be a bit more expensive than the PJs you choose at your local Walmart, but because they Good. This high quality lounge is durable. Ultimately, its durability, versatility and extraordinary feel make it a must-have investment.

Also, Sunday Citizen offers free shipping and free returns for 90 days after purchase. So, you have plenty of time to put on your loungewear All Necessary tests. Wear it while running, sleep in it all night or try it in hot and cold temperatures.

If you do not like it at all, you can return the prepaid shipping label sent by Citizen Email on Sunday without any hassle. But trust me – once you try this feather light, battery smooth lounge, you won’t want to take it off.

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Mrs. Juicy left the hospital after a stroke; The details of the little female star are dazzling

Mrs. Juicy left the hospital after a stroke; The details of the little female star are dazzling

Mrs. Juicy is alive.

And We willAnyway?

It’s all a different matter together.

About a month after being hospitalized for a stroke, the Little Women: Atlanta star announced Friday that she has been released from medical care and is back home.

Beautiful juicy video still

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

“I’m not 100 percent but I’m still healing,” explained Charlene Pearson.

“It’s to let all my fans, all my supporters, know that I’ve been released from the hospital. I’m at home.”

Mrs. Juicy was admitted to the hospital on 28 April after suffering from memory loss which affected her in all possible ways.

Juicy video

In the footage, Pearson says:

“I couldn’t remember anything, not a single thing.

“I can’t even drive right now. I have to learn how to do a lot of things again, even brushing my teeth, the things we allow, the things we think are normal.

“I was supposed to be fit when I was in the hospital because I couldn’t even drink my water.”

Pray for the juicy

Pearson mentions that he has been on speech therapy since the horror episode.

In the two-part video, he details his recovery in the ICU, which included feeding through a tube, as he also had to learn how to swallow again.

“I had to learn how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to swallow. A lot,” he shared.

Miss Juicy Little Women: Atlanta was a guest on the first season before becoming a full-time cast member in Season 2.


Her friends started a GoFundMe account shortly after she had a stroke late last month.

In part two of her video Friday, Mrs. Juicy admits she had a stroke.

But he tried to look at the positive side.

Ms. Juicy

“As you can see, I’m not dead, I’m just here,” he told his 674,000 fans and followers.

“It may have slowed me down, but I’m here and when the time is right I’ll be 100% back, okay, but I can’t push it and I can’t rush. I love you and, again, it’s up to me.” Came from, and we’ll talk on another level.

“Love, Miss Juicy. You can all say that for me, Mrs. Juicy Baby. Here it is, it’s not me, I can’t stay that long, everyone, so keep praying, we’ll get back to reality soon.”

“I love you and thank you, and again, thank you for all the support.”

Man talks to Prince William about protocol-breaking embrace

Man talks to Prince William about protocol-breaking embrace

The royal family is known for their devotion to their strict protocol, but they still know when to turn the rules for someone special. Prince William He recently broke protocol by embracing an 8-year-old man William Burns During a visit to Scotland.

‘The boy seemed to be hugging his father’

William and Kate Middleton were visiting the Whitley Group in Glasgow to help people at risk of homelessness, including burns. The 66-year-old was briefly homeless after being evicted during a fight with her son.

William and Burns had the opportunity to meet during the Prince’s visit to Glasgow, and instead of the usual smiles and handshakes, William and Burns shared a sweet hug. “I am a grandfather. It was like hugging a boy’s father, “he told Burns Daily message.

“That’s the way he hugged me,” he continued. “Honestly, I didn’t expect that. It was an encouragement. I have never felt anything like this in my entire life and my existence as a human being. “

Burns says William will be a ‘good king’

So, how did the hug come about? “I saw Kate and thought she was great,” Burns explained. “He was handsome and obviously a handsome man. I was standing with my wife when William approached the crowd.”

“I decided to meet Chap and I went to shake his hand when he asked my name,” he explained. “When I told him my name was William, he said, ‘My name is William too.’ I said, ‘I know it,’ and she smiled. I had his hand on my shoulder. “

“He put his hand on my shoulder and then hugged me,” Burns concluded. “I was very emotional. I was glad. “Burns also praised the prince, saying he would make a” good king. ”

“He will do well for Britain,” Burns explained. “He will be a great king and he will keep Scotland and Britain together.” The embrace comes after William breaks another royal rule: no selfie. He went on another royal visit with a lucky woman.

William and Kate’s desire to modernize the monarchy

All of this seems to be part of William and Middleton’s plan to modernize the monarchy and make things more casual. It has been reported that the couple wants to eliminate things like Curtis and the bow and go by their names and not their titles.

As the British monarchy progressed, it became clear that William and Middleton wanted to try to update the rulebook. Many are looking to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to lead the royal family in the future.

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Jessica Simpson’s husband allegedly complained about her ‘stick-thin’ appearance

Jessica Simpson’s husband allegedly complained about her ‘stick-thin’ appearance

Is Jessica SimpsonConcerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. A tabloid claims that her recent appearance has provoked health fears for fashion designers. Here’s what we know about Simpson’s dramatic weight loss.

Is Jessica Simpson raising a ‘red flag’ for fans?

This week, Our weekly Jessica Simpson is reportedly worried about her shrinking appearance. The actress, singer and fashion designer revealed in her 2020 memoir that she was personally battling alcohol and pill addiction before calming down in 2017 – and now fans fear she could be attacked again. After she recently posted a picture of herself modeling denim for her brand, fans quickly noticed how thin she was. Now, insiders at the outlet insist it’s a sign that Simpson is fighting something big.

“Jessica has been struggling lately,” is an inside meal. “Jessica wants the world to think she’s doing great, but behind the scenes, she’s spiraling … she’s obsessed with her looks and looks like she’s on a stick-thin mission at any cost.” And while sources say Simpson and her husband Eric Johnson have been “on the ground” lately, she’s clearly worried about him. “It’s a classic case of insecurity, and it’s sad to watch,” Tipster concluded.

Is Jessica Simpson secretly ‘spiraling’?

This report is outrageous. First of all, Simpson liked the photo shared by the tabloids. Most of his fans were appreciative of Simpson’s good looks in the comments section and you would have a hard time finding a negative word. So, frankly, this outlet is the only one that seems to be concerned with Simpson’s appearance.

Moreover, it is wrong to include Simpson’s battle with addiction. According to Simpson himself, he has been quiet for more than four years. The designer actually marked the anniversary in November by sharing a picture of himself in the midst of his battle with alcoholism. The image is far from what Simpson currently looks like, so it makes us wonder why the magazine believes Simpson has been re-infected.

Tabloids on Jessica Simpson’s weight

The story is particularly brutal considering Simpson’s weight has received intense media attention over the years. In 2018, after Simpson’s last pregnancy, the tabloid media reprimanded her with endless, brutal body-shame. In contact Simpson’s husband reportedly asked her to go on a diet. Then They Simpson claims he “couldn’t stop eating.” And finally, NW Allegedly Simpson was depressed because he could not lose weight. Apparently, the tabloids are determined to embarrass Simpson, no matter what he looks like.

Beka Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs: Engaged! After he proposed!

Beka Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs: Engaged! After he proposed!

He said yes, you guys.

Yes, we wrote He.

On Sunday, Beka Kufrin confirmed that she and her seven-month-old boyfriend, Thomas Jacobs, had agreed to go ahead and get married.

It’s exciting and romance and exciting – but the way the engagement happened has surprised many.

Beka Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs


Because the former bachelor rate or offered!

“In the final plot twist … he said yes!” Kufrin wrote on Instagram, adding to his announcement:

“We have kept this secret between us and close family and friends for some time but we are too excited to shout from the roof!”

The hands of Beka Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs

Jacobs, for his part, posted the photo above on Instagram after his now-fianc broke the shocking news, when Kufrin concluded the following:

“I finally found my driver for life and the one who makes my heart laugh every day.

“I can’t wait to do everything with you Tommy, thank you for bringing me the happiest girl alive. I love you going to the moon and back.”

Kufrin and Jacobs

Jacobs, who met Kufrin at Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, writes:

“Final UNO reverse card / power move. It’s a great ring you put on my toes for a lifetime. Cheers beeps forever. “

It wasn’t always a smooth ride for the couple, though, as they actually broke up at the end of last year.

“I think you’re surprising me in the best and best way possible to be supportive and positive, but I think sometimes it’s too good to be true and it scares me,” Becca explained at the time.

“I’ve been here twice before, and I couldn’t leave and feel right about leaving with someone I don’t know 100 percent completely.”

Jacobs and Kufrin

This is Kufrin’s third bachelor engagement.

She first agrees to marry Arie Luandic Jr. in The Bachelor … and then accepts an offer from Garrett Erigoyne. Own The bachelorette season is over.

After filming Bachelor in Paradise, Kufrin wrote on Instagram that he and Jacobs were back together.

“I’m sorry to break up with you on national television, but Tommy, I will take time every day to break up with you,” he wrote.

“Thanks for giving my heart a smile more than ever. Now is the time to start this real life.”

Beka and partner

In the October Talking It Out podcast in October, Beka added:

“It was a new experience and I was like, ‘It’s really special.’ And if he’s willing to do it, I’m willing to do it.

“Of course, you know, we’re back and we had to explore it ourselves away from the camera.

“But at the moment, I think it was a game-changer for me because I never really had a tooth and nail fight with someone I never really wanted to have a relationship with.”

Tom Cruise allegedly denied by A-list actress that he tried to date, anonymously

Tom Cruise allegedly denied by A-list actress that he tried to date, anonymously

Is Tom Cruise Lost in love? A report says he is recovering from an A-list rejection. Is Top gun: Maverick Is the star really nursing a broken heart? Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Friend Zone Travel’

According to National InvestigatorCruise has fallen hard for Lady Gaga. He apparently recently decided to shoot his shot and Gaga shot him. Gaga wrote the song “Hold My Hand” Top gun: Maverick. “Tom has always been a fan and reached out to Gaga personally to write the song,” said an insider. “It’s no wonder he made a huge crush on her after they worked together.”

Gaga is not only interested. She is still in love with her boyfriend, businessman Michael Polanski. Although Gaga did not fire Cruz completely, a source concluded, “He also knows that he can be a big help in his acting career!”

Stop Lady Gaga Tom Cruise?

Lady Gaga was already a superstar in the music industry, but A star was born In the movie scene, Gaga is pushed into the spotlight. She received an Academy Award nomination for the part and won one for her “Shallow” song.

Gaga starred last year Gucci’s house Which brought him more award nominations. He’s not ready to do anything right now because he’s on a worldwide stadium tour. It’s insulting that he’s leading Cruz for the role. Gaga is clearly doing well without anyone’s help.

There is no evidence that Cruz felt anything romantic towards Gaga. He praised her up and down Top gun: Maverick Press Tour, saying that his song “became the heartbeat of the movie … and I called him and said, ‘I don’t think you understand emotionally …’ I was very worried until I heard that part.”

Also, the actor doesn’t seem to be terribly interested in romance right now. In a recent interview, Cruz said directly Bella That he never takes leave. Considering he fired only two shots Impossible mission Film back-to-back and now on a worldwide press tour, it sounds almost right. This tabloid is trying to create a fake story from Gaga’s solo song He’s not single, and Cruz doesn’t seem interested.

There is history here

Considering what a huge star Tom Cruise is, it’s no wonder Investigator Regularly targets him. Last year, it was announced that Cruz was getting fat because Haley Atwell had dropped him. She looks the same for years now and that romance was not confirmed by either side in the first place.

Earlier, the tabloid claimed that he was dating Sophia Butella. It has gone so far that he will come to see her secretly in disguise, but there was no detail or evidence of it. Gossip Cop It also reveals the story of Cruz hoping to work with Reese Witherspoon to help get her career back on track. His career is going well and that collaboration has never happened. The Investigator There is no clue what it is talking about.

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Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist shares the secrets of her beach waves

Jennifer Aniston’s hairstylist shares the secrets of her beach waves

Suggest participation in affiliate programs with different companies. Links to Suggest’s website that lead to purchases or reservations on affiliate sites generate revenue for Suggest. This means that Suggest can get a commission if / when you click or shop through the affiliate link.

Chris Macmillan, the hairstylist who brought us “The Rachel” haircut, spread the dots Jennifer Aniston The beach waves, and we can’t be more excited!

Although The Morning show The star usually wears her hair straight, she has naturally wavy hair. And it’s fantastic. Honestly, it’s gorgeous but she decides to style it, but, her natural waves are stunning.

Macmillan says in the post that the style was just “touch up”. So, this means that Aniston’s natural wave pattern is flawless, and are we surprised? Not even a little.

We are embracing our natural hair and hopefully this is a “trend” that will continue. So, if you want to get low maintenance beach waves this summer, this way according to GOAT of celebrity hairstylists.

How to get red carpet worthy waves

In contrast to how much can be done on curly hair / beach waves, Macmillan said that Aniston’s hair had dried in the air. Before No product applied. Insert head blast emoji here. I mean, we Should Probably take the word professional. And, I know in the world of TikTok videos and YouTube tutorials, it can be hard to navigate. However, Macmillan broke the steps in his post.

After Aniston’s hair was blow-dried, Macmillan used a Dyson hair dryer “to dry roots for instruction” and a GHD curling wand to touch random pieces. He “layers” the products after drying / styling the hair.

The products that Macmillan used in Aniston’s hair were all fridge-fighting, not surprisingly, since fridge is the arc-nemesis of beach waves. First, he applied drunken elephant detangling spray to Aniston’s locks. This leave-in mist protects the hair from damage, giving the hair a more controllable and healthy look.

Subsequently, Herklinikken Hair Hydrating Cream was added to seal moisture and reduce any breakage. This hydrating cream improves the elasticity and shine of the hair.

The next product used was Shu Wimura Ishii Scalp Texturing and Scalping Hair Paste, a pommel that gives a shiny finish. The pommel adds texture and volume, giving Aniston a Peace-Y look.

Finally, Kerastes Discipline Olio-Relax Anti-Freeze Oil Serum was added to smooth out the last holdouts in the fridge. Made with Shoria butter, Virgin coconut oil and Rosa mascata fruit oil, it adds another layer of protection and hydration to Aniston’s hair.

Product shopping

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