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Farah Abraham is now terrifying the waiting staff with her breasts

Farah Abraham is now terrifying the waiting staff with her breasts

Last week, Farah Abraham portrayed himself as harassing employees waiting at a British restaurant.

There was that frustration about not having a candle on his (untimely) birthday cake or being serenaded by the waiters.

Now, Farah is again clashing with the waiters, this time politely asking her to wear a shirt to lunch so that her nipples can be hidden.

At the moment, Farah is still complaining … but also chooses to take it as a compliment.

Farah Abraham through the pink filter

Again, Farah Abraham himself is uploading his most embarrassing video

This time, he is sitting at a table with his 13-year-old daughter Sophia.

While eating out, the two of them are enjoying pink pancakes (at least, they are supposedly pink … the whole thing through a pink filter).

Farah Abraham gets angry

Farah is wearing a white crop top over her bikini, which is blue.

“I was told to wear a top,” he complained to the camera.

Farah points out: “I have a top.”

Farah Abraham brings sick news

“Basically,” Farah insisted, “it looks like I’m wearing a bikini.”

He called the restaurant “really rude” and told her to adhere to its dress code.

“I was told to wear a top,” Farah complained, “but no one else at my party did.”

Farah Abraham in a podcast

Okay, her 13-year-old daughter seems to be wearing a slightly different outfit, fortunately, so Sophia didn’t make a similar request.

However, Farah decided to re-frame it as “blessed” in light of his bust.

“That means I have enough breasts that actually bother people,” Farah decides to believe.

Farah Abraham in a shiny bikini

There is a lot to be said for the irrational way in which human bodies, especially women’s bodies, are policed ​​in our culture.

It’s a curious thing when half of the population is supposed to keep their chests covered at all times.

Even people wearing “inadequate” coverings on the breasts can be embarrassed and embarrassed.

Farah Abraham flips out

We are sure that, in Farah’s mind, this was another sexist “hate crime” against him.

Sexuality is horrible and hypocritical. But … what is really happening here?

Because it’s not about hanging out at Farah beach (although he recently suffered some nip slips while doing it). It’s about her eating at a restaurant.

Farah Abraham speaks

There are many extreme sexists in our society, but “no shirts, no shoes, no services” is just as gender-neutral.

Considering how much fabric Farah wore before giving the crop top, perhaps a man could get the same request.

Sex is always irrational. A restaurant that politely enforces a unisex dress code is completely legal, and usually right.

Confessional picture of Farah Abraham

This subtlety may or may not be lost from Farah, as there are many. He has a troubled history.

No one reasonably hates her for having her breasts, or even for enlarging them … even though not everyone needs every detail of her every procedure.

But Farah’s tendency to embarrass himself is to side with his habit of verbally blaming service workers, who are simply doing their job and surprised by his behavior.

Better late than never: 2022 French Open costume

Better late than never: 2022 French Open costume

Before the French Open started, I read that it would return to full power, but in every match I have started it seems that there is a large part of the empty seats. What’s going on there Is TV just not doing justice, or are fewer people coming forward now?

As I write this, I’m waiting for Nadal-Djokovic’s quarter-final – oooh, and now it’s over and Nadal has won, and I’m very happy, because I have to root for Knol against Xavier – and hear another very, very stylish, narrative by Anthony Hopkins. Rolex ads. In Canada we get them at every single commercial break for every single big. These are so unrealistically overwritten, and sometimes even unreasonable, as Hopkins calls tennis “peering”. Medium A mirror “to face against yourself. When in fact you can only see In A mirror, unless you’re Alice, and I’m sure Rolex isn’t trying to imply a surreal Wonderland battle where one falls into the looking glass to find a clone on a tennis court.

[Photos: Alfonso Jimenez, Dave Shopland, David Winter, Javier Garcia, Maya Vidon-White/UPI, Rob Prange/DPPI/LiveMedia, Jon Bromley/Action Plus, YOAN VALAT/EPA-EFE, Baratoux/LABEL IMAGES/SIPA, all Shutterstock]

Tammy Slaton: Snatch! While in rehab!

Tammy Slaton: Snatch! While in rehab!


That’s bad for Tammy Slaton.

According to The Sun, the 1,000-pound Sisters star suffered a brief break-in shortly after her rehab check to deal with her dangerous weight gain, and her sibling, Amy, moved into a new home with her husband. .

To put it bluntly, the break-in occurred when no one was actively living inside this Kentucky home.

Tammy Slaton in the TLC episode

“The burglar[s] The house must have been empty and collapsed, “a local deputy told the publication, adding that the incident took place sometime in late 2021 and added:

Unknown suspect (s) “kicked in the back door and stole [Tammy’s] Washers and dryers, as well as some furniture. “

The thieves have not yet been arrested, while police say Tammy’s neighbor also stole his / her pond.

Scary thing!

Tammy Slaton, a close-up

“Amy found the break-in when she went to check up on her old house,” The Sun Source continued.

“Amy sent pictures to Tammy. Valuables were stolen and there were signs of forced entry.”

The house was actually in the news a few weeks ago because Amy indicated that Tammy would be unable to rent it after renting out her own way through rehabilitation.

“Tammy’s social security provides it, it takes her full social security check, the show is not paying [for rehab]“Amy talked about getting professional help from her loved one.

“So I heard he doesn’t have a place to stay because he can’t afford the rent.”

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton

Amy said she would let Tammy crash with her this summer after she came out of rehabilitation.

“She’ll be with me for a while when she comes out. She’ll be there as soon as we find a place,” Amy explained, adding:

“I’m not sure when he’ll be back, but I know he’s getting the help he needs. If he has to stay a year or two, that’s fine.

“She needs help.”

Tammy Slaton on the air

Fortunately, no one was hurt by these break-ins.

For his part, Slaton has remained in rehabilitation and appears to be actually improving there.

She seems to have a boyfriend, for one thing, which is very exciting and great.

Also, according to reliable sources, Slaton has finally qualified for bariatric weight loss surgery.

Tammy Slaton Rehab Photo

Bariatric surgery, also known as gastric bypass surgery, is an operation of the digestive system that helps the patient to lose weight quickly in extreme situations.

From what we’ve heard, Slaton will go under the knife for this procedure in Atlanta sometime in June.

He will probably be released from rehabilitation soon.

Will he return to the house that was stolen last year? Will he leave with Amy? Go somewhere else?

We’ll let you know as soon as possible!

Tom Cruise is reportedly planning to leave Scientology

Tom Cruise is reportedly planning to leave Scientology

Is Tom Cruise Working to free himself from Scientology to establish a relationship with his daughter, Suri? A tabloid claims that Cruz is planning to reunite with his daughter after being separated for the past 10 years. Let’s examine the controversial actor.

Tom Cruise ‘Make Up for Lost Time’?

This week, New ideas Report Tom Cruise wants to reunite with Suri. Cruise has not been photographed with his daughter since divorcing Katie Holmes in 2012. Most fans have come to the conclusion that Cruz’s belief in the controversial Church of Scientology prevented him from having an affair with his teenage daughter. But, according to the tabloids, the actor is “seriously considering” reuniting with Suri, turning to the church. “Church beliefs indicate that those with defects should be cut off, and so Tom and Suri rarely see each other,” one insider explained.

But as Cruz approached his 60th birthday, he “realized that if he didn’t repair the fence with Suri, he was going to have a big time regretting it,” Tipster revealed. Sources say Holmes will not let Cruz go anywhere near Surrey unless he leaves Scientology behind. “If Tom actually leaves Scientology, it will be a big shock for the church because he is their number one ticket holder. But it will be a blessing for her personal and professional life, “Snitch whispered.

“It will not only open the door for him to reunite with Suri, but it will also be a huge relief for the studio executives who still love him as a bankable star but are always afraid that his religion will drive people away.” Even at his age, he is still a true action hero, and he is relevant enough to be invited to the Havanab with the royals. Quitting Scientology might be the best thing Tom can do. “

Is Tom Cruise Really Leaving Scientology?

Let’s really break all the tabloid claims in this story. The first and biggest claim is that Cruz wants to reunite with Suri because he is about 60 years old But then the article split, and Cruz had to leave Scientology for two different reasons. First, the outlet acknowledges that Scientology prohibits Cruz from having any public relations with those who leave the church. But the source added that Holmes claims to have left Cruz. And last but not least, the outlet suggests that Cruz also wants to leave Scientology because it will extend his career.

If Cruz really wanted to have a public relationship with Suri, he would probably have to leave the church because Holmes never stood in the way of their reunion. According to Holmes and Cruz’s custody agreement, Cruz is legally able to see his daughter whenever he chooses. The point is he Chooses No, probably because of his relationship with Scientology.

And finally, Cruz is not leaving religion to help his career. While her relationship with Scientology is undoubtedly the most controversial of hers, it certainly did not deter her from landing as a star. He still faces like a franchise Top gun And Impossible mission, The former of which has just set a box office record after its Memorial Day weekend release. If he wants to leave Scientology, we doubt it will be because he is struggling to find work.

At the end of the day, Cruz doesn’t seem to be leaving the church. He is still one of the most high-profile members of the religion, and although he has not spoken much about it in public these days, he has not condemned it in any way. And considering her two adult children, Connor and Ella, still dedicated members of the church, we suspect that she would risk her relationship with them by leaving.

The tabloid on Tom Cruise

We know better than to believe anything New ideas Said about Tom Cruise. Last year, the magazine reported that Cruz was planning to propose his Mission: Impossible co-star Hailey Atwell. The tabloid then claimed that Cruz wanted to buy Suri a $ 90K birthday present but Holmes shot him. And most recently, the publication complained that Cruz was reuniting with Suri after being separated for the past ten years. Obviously, New ideas There is really no inside scoop about Cruz’s personal life.

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Katie Holmes allegedly asked Tom Cruise to save her from destruction last year, suspicious gossip claims

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Stephanie Matto is now selling boob sweat, having stopped production because of the bear

Stephanie Matto is now selling boob sweat, having stopped production because of the bear

90 days: single life Star Stephanie Matteo’s infamous “Fart Jar” business has been making headlines for months.

Now, he has a new initiative … which is feeding thousands of people every week without keeping him in the hospital.

Stephanie is selling her own “Boob Sweat”, detailing the process and business model on social media.

Of course, this line of work comes with some unexpected Bear-related Risk

Stephanie Matto Sweat tiktok 01 of 02

Rarely 90 day engagement The stars have so effectively monetized their fleeting reality TV fame.

Stephanie uses her platform to attract the attention of her only fans, later launching her own adult subscription service.

But providing a real (or near-tangible) product to unique customers helps him to stand out.

Stephanie Matto Sweat tiktok 02 of 02

Stephanie opens up about her sweaty bottled initiative.

People sweat a little all day, but Stephanie spends about four hours a day by the pool working to get the right concentration of sweat.

It takes 15 minutes to make sweat jars individually and she says that every drop of sweat in them comes from her breasts.

Stephanie Matto for 90 Days: Single Life Season 2

Stephanie can fill ten bottles of sweat every day.

Jars are not cheap, going $ 500 for each.

He reportedly earns about 5,000 5,000 a week through this business.

Stephanie Mato can't help but react to what she hears

Stephanie shares a lot of what may be proprietary information (other business) because it is part of the appeal.

Intimacy, the idea of ​​knowing exactly what happens when he uses his body to create the product he sells is basically part of the product.

It’s hard for most of us to understand, but to someone with a certain frustration, what they want is right. Also, some people have a lot more money and they will buy things for laughter.

Stephanie Matto in Lavender

Laughing, Stephanie recently had to take a break from her sweat production routine for safety reasons.

TMZ A video of a black bear was found in his backyard.

Although black bears are relatively small and infamous, it is best to go indoors without the risk of a collision.

Stephanie Matteo has an idea (preview)

The occasional visit to a bear is the solution to many potential problems in life: just stay home.

In fact, Stephanie says she’s considering installing a snooze so she can sweat without depending on the weather – or the absence of urine.

It sounds like a subtle solution that will definitely pay off.

Stephanie Matto

Stephanie’s other, more famous venture, selling “Fart Jars” to customers, made her so well-known that some people may not even be familiar with her. 90 day engagement.

However, that foul project kept Stephanie in the hospital, albeit for a short time.

Why? Sudden symptoms convince him that he has had a heart attack or stroke.

Stephanie Matto sells the Fart Jar in 2022

What actually happened was, of course, a very normal structure of digestive gas due to its flatus-producing diet.

In other words, he just had to shake, and he was in pain and fear before he knew what was happening.

When it first happens to adults, usually in their twenties or thirties, many understand why babies don’t cry. It’s not a good feeling … but it’s not a heart attack.

Jill Dugar: God wants Josh to go to jail for a long time

Jill Dugar: God wants Josh to go to jail for a long time

When Josh Dugar was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison last week, only four members of his extended family were in court.

Wife Anna, father Jim Bob, sister Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth were present for the sentencing hearing, but the rest of the large Dugar group withdrew from the proceedings.

In the days that followed, most duggers would remain silent about Josh’s punishment.

But one of his most high-profile siblings broke his silence and shocked fans by sharing his belief that Josh deserves to be stuck for too long.

Jill and Josh

When Josh was in his teens, he molested five young women, four of whom were his sisters.

Now, one of those sisters is speaking and making it clear that she believes justice has been done.

Jill Dugar severed ties with her parents a few years ago, and now, she is one of the very few Dugar who is willing to talk frankly about Josh’s situation.

Derrick Dillard and pregnant Jill Dugar at Courthouse

“The last few weeks and months have been emotionally difficult. Yesterday was one of those difficult days. We are not happy or disappointed with this sentence, but we are grateful that it is over,” Jill and husband Derrick Dillard wrote on their personal website. .

“The Bible clearly states that God receives justice and retribution through governing authority,” the statement continued.

“While some believe that Josh should have received a greater punishment and fewer people believe that he should have received a lighter punishment, God has avenged him today for his unspeakable criminal activity.”

Josh Dugar speaks

Dillards said he believes justice has been served and hopes to persuade Josh to change his ways after serving 12 years in prison.

“To date, he has not yet been charged with the necessary amounts to change the nature of his dangerous behavior,” Jill and Derrick wrote.

“It’s unfortunate, but it looks like he could spend more than a decade in federal prison, and with some more experiments, Josh has the potential to be rehabilitated so that he can return to society safely,” they continued.

Jill Dugar and Big D.

“Hopefully, Josh can actually start treatment and start working towards a lifestyle where he’s less likely to re-offend.”

Jill and Derrick went on to express their hope that potential hunters would see a case like Josh’s and reconsider their actions.

“If nothing else, the notoriety of this case will hopefully contribute to the prevention of potential offenders and help protect children by reducing the demand for CSAM,” they wrote.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

“We continue to love Josh and his family and we will be there for them as much as we can.”

Interestingly, Jill is not the only Dugar who has broken away from the rest of the family to condemn Josh’s actions.

Last week, 22-year-old Jason Dugar spoke out against Josh in an Instagram post that probably upset his father.

Jason Dugar in 2021

“In my opinion, Judge Timothy L. Brooks was justified in his decision to give Josh a sentence that would be considered from the middle to the bottom for the crime he committed,” Jason wrote.

“Joshua’s bad decisions have had a profound effect on the people around him, especially his wife, seven children and our entire family,” he continued.

“My prayer is that God will use this situation to make him truly humble and make a real difference in his life!”

Josh Dugar is the worst

Insiders say Jim Bob and wife Michelle Duger still believe Josh is innocent, and will be found guilty on appeal.

It is unlikely that anything will change their minds at the moment, but fortunately, not all of Jim Bob’s kids have been brainwashed.

Nowadays, Anna Dugar lives with Jim Bob and Michelle – and you can be sure that Jill and Jason are giving the main house a very spacious berth.

7 Dryer Sheet Hack that does not involve laundry

7 Dryer Sheet Hack that does not involve laundry

Suggest participation in affiliate programs with different companies. Links to Suggest’s website that lead to purchases or storage on affiliate sites generate revenue for Suggest. This means that Suggest can earn a commission if / when you click or make a purchase through an affiliate link.

Laundry sheets are not just for making clothes feel soft and smell good. They can also reduce the horrible static clinker that gets worse in the winter months. However, these should not be used on every load of laundry.

Laundry sheets can damage certain types of clothing, such as flame-retardant clothing, athletic wear, and water-resistant clothing. They can interfere with the self-extinguishing power in children’s pajamas. Towels may be less drying after constant washing with a dryer sheet. And, athletic wear may have less moisture-content than when you bought them. In this case, using a wool dryer ball like this quality pack from Handy Laundry Store is a good option.

So, what can you do with those left-over dryer sheets? And, can the dryer sheet be used upcycle and after going through the dryer?

You can actually do a lot with dryer sheets that have nothing to do with laundry. And for some hacks, you can use them after they have already fulfilled their original purpose It’s a sure win in our book.

Here are some of our favorites.

1. Resist bugs

Many websites claim that the dryer sheet repels mosquitoes. Although there is no conclusive evidence to support this claim, there have been studies involving other insects. In particular, a study from Kansas State University found that bounce dryer sheets repel fungus stains. Other studies have shown that other “garden insects” were repelled by dryer sheets, including mites, ticks and beetles.

The ingredient that eliminates bugs is probably linalul, which is derived from bug-resistant plants such as lavender and basil. Linalul is also available in mosquito repellent. So, go ahead and stuff some dryer sheets in your pocket, they can actually chase away some of those horrible female mosquitoes.

2. Sharp scissors

Has your scissor blade faded over time? You can hold a used or new dryer sheet to sharpen the blade. Just cut the dryer sheet a few times, and Presto, your blades should be sharp for at least a while.

Even Bob Villa has promised for this hack, so it has to be true!

3. Clean your baking sheet

Bake-on Add a few dryer sheets to your baking sheet to get rid of grease and grease.

First, add warm water to your baking sheet, and then add the dryer sheet. Leave on for a few hours, and be sure to wash your baking sheet thoroughly with soap and warm water afterwards.

4. Tame flyways

Dryer sheets are made to help the fabric get rid of static electricity. But, can it help your hair fly? Strong answer yes, but I will not make it a regular practice.

5. Add to your gym bag

The deodorizing power of dryer sheets is also good for smelly gym bags. Or you can put them in your tennis shoes to get rid of any chronic odor.

6. Remove deodorant stains

When you rush and accidentally get deodorant on your shirt, it’s a hole. Take a used dryer sheet to quickly remove deodorant. Just rub quickly on the deodorant stain and the deodorant should come out easily. Then, brush it off.

7. Use on your baseboard

Really, hair, dust and dirt accumulate anywhere, a dryer sheet can take a mess. Take a new or used dryer sheet and swipe the baseboard, blinds or your floor to pick up debris.

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Matthew Morrison has been fired so you think you can dance to send inappropriate

Matthew Morrison has been fired so you think you can dance to send inappropriate

We have an update on Matthew Morrison’s resignation as a judge of So You Think You Can Dance.

And it doesn’t paint the former Glee star in a very positive light.

An insider behind the reality show told People magazine that Morrison was fired from the program “after having an affair with a female contestant.”

Oh, huh?!?

Matthew Morrison as Judge

“They didn’t have sex, but she reached out to him via flirt messages directly on social media,” the source told People.

“He felt uncomfortable in his comment line and went to the producers, who then involved Fox. He was fired after they conducted their own investigation.”

The outlet added that Morrison and the unidentified female contestant “never met off-set.”

So it sounds like a low to us Relationships… and more Morrison acting like the shady Duchess Canoe.

Matthew Morrison on set

“These were just messages that crossed the line,” Peoples source said.

News of Morrison’s departure broke last Friday, just days after Season 17 began on So You Think Can Dance Fox.

At the time, Morrison said in a statement that he was leaving the competition after failing to follow “competition production protocols.”

We assume that Is Technically correct.

Judge Matthew Morrison

“It was an incredible honor for me to be the judge of So You Think You Can Dance. So, I’m deeply saddened to let you know that I will leave the show,” Morrison said late last week.

“After filming the audition round for the show and selecting 12 finalists,

“I didn’t follow the competition’s production protocol, which prevented me from being able to judge the competition fairly,” the actor continued.

“I can’t apologize enough to everyone involved and I will see with all of you what I know will be one of the best seasons so far.”

Morrison on set

Morrison was part of a completely new judging panel of So You Think You Can Dance, which also includes JoJo Siva and Stephen “Tuwich” boss.

Since all of the first episodes of the dancing show were pre-made, Morrison will still be appearing in the series in mid-June.

According to Entertainment Weekly, a new panelist is expected to be brought in in time for the next part of the competition, which starts on June 15.

In the same vein, an announcement about Morrison’s successor is expected soon

More Morrison

At this time, Matthew Morrison did not comment on the report.

We will update this story if the actor makes any kind of statement in response to this new allegation.