6-time ‘Joypardi!’ Champ reveals the class of worst endangers he faces

Danger! A great game to play from the comfort of your couch. Any visitor will naturally benefit from certain sections, then jump into the others. Recent Danger! Champion, earning $ 160,601 Eric Ahasik, Recently revealed what his Achilles heel. Did it get him into his finals? Find out.

Who is Eric Ahasik?

Ahasik, a meteorologist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, immediately made a name for himself by removing fan-favorite super champion Ryan Long. Long won 16 games before the daily doubles about Martin Luther King Jr. Ahasik was able to win, then went on to win one of his own impressive six games, earning more than six points in the process.

The worst category

Game Six brings Ahasik a little trouble. A few clutches could have been made for him if not for the Daily Doubles. He later shared some interesting insights on Twitter where he published some sections that gave him problems. Ahasik writes, “You have been a ‘TV legend’ for me (you haven’t been able to come up with a worse final risk category than ‘Children’s Literature’ since last Thursday …).”

It’s a little amazing to see Danger! Champion struggles with a TV department. One usually thinks of the horror opera department as the real killer. Ahasik jokes that he should have bid $ 0 in the daily double, which is far from his usual high bid.

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Bidding $ 0 would not have been the most embarrassing part of that episode. Majin Omar, one of Ahasik’s contestants, misled Michael Kane for Mick Jagger. It’s hard to survive on national television.

The streak is over

The risk Ahasik took in the Sixes game was enough for him to win, but his streak ended the next day. Going to the ultimate danger !, Ahasik was in the lead. The section was “1972”, not a TV legend. The answer was, “In June, he said, ‘Don’t lie to them because there’s no involvement, but just say it’s … a comedy of error.’

It stunned the first contestant, but Megan Watchspress wrote the correct response: Richard Nixon. Ahasik knew immediately that he had lost, because he had written to John Dean. Afterwards, Ahasik said, “My first thought was frustration. No one wants to lose. But then, to be honest, I felt a little relieved. It was an emotional rollercoaster.”

Can’t be done with Ahasik Danger!. Winning five matches means he qualifies for the upcoming Champions Tournament in November. He can reunite with Ryan Long and fight legends like Mattie Roach, Matt Amodio and Amy Snyder. We can’t wait.

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