7 Dryer Sheet Hack that does not involve laundry

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Laundry sheets are not just for making clothes feel soft and smell good. They can also reduce the horrible static clinker that gets worse in the winter months. However, these should not be used on every load of laundry.

Laundry sheets can damage certain types of clothing, such as flame-retardant clothing, athletic wear, and water-resistant clothing. They can interfere with the self-extinguishing power in children’s pajamas. Towels may be less drying after constant washing with a dryer sheet. And, athletic wear may have less moisture-content than when you bought them. In this case, using a wool dryer ball like this quality pack from Handy Laundry Store is a good option.

So, what can you do with those left-over dryer sheets? And, can the dryer sheet be used upcycle and after going through the dryer?

You can actually do a lot with dryer sheets that have nothing to do with laundry. And for some hacks, you can use them after they have already fulfilled their original purpose It’s a sure win in our book.

Here are some of our favorites.

1. Resist bugs

Many websites claim that the dryer sheet repels mosquitoes. Although there is no conclusive evidence to support this claim, there have been studies involving other insects. In particular, a study from Kansas State University found that bounce dryer sheets repel fungus stains. Other studies have shown that other “garden insects” were repelled by dryer sheets, including mites, ticks and beetles.

The ingredient that eliminates bugs is probably linalul, which is derived from bug-resistant plants such as lavender and basil. Linalul is also available in mosquito repellent. So, go ahead and stuff some dryer sheets in your pocket, they can actually chase away some of those horrible female mosquitoes.

2. Sharp scissors

Has your scissor blade faded over time? You can hold a used or new dryer sheet to sharpen the blade. Just cut the dryer sheet a few times, and Presto, your blades should be sharp for at least a while.

Even Bob Villa has promised for this hack, so it has to be true!

3. Clean your baking sheet

Bake-on Add a few dryer sheets to your baking sheet to get rid of grease and grease.

First, add warm water to your baking sheet, and then add the dryer sheet. Leave on for a few hours, and be sure to wash your baking sheet thoroughly with soap and warm water afterwards.

4. Tame flyways

Dryer sheets are made to help the fabric get rid of static electricity. But, can it help your hair fly? Strong answer yes, but I will not make it a regular practice.

5. Add to your gym bag

The deodorizing power of dryer sheets is also good for smelly gym bags. Or you can put them in your tennis shoes to get rid of any chronic odor.

6. Remove deodorant stains

When you rush and accidentally get deodorant on your shirt, it’s a hole. Take a used dryer sheet to quickly remove deodorant. Just rub quickly on the deodorant stain and the deodorant should come out easily. Then, brush it off.

7. Use on your baseboard

Really, hair, dust and dirt accumulate anywhere, a dryer sheet can take a mess. Take a new or used dryer sheet and swipe the baseboard, blinds or your floor to pick up debris.

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