A new ‘danger!’ Super Champ, but Miami Bialik is still the talk of the town

New Danger! Super champ Ryan Long After 16 consecutive wins, we finally had to say goodbye to the game show. While all eyes should be on Long, fans of the game show are still focusing on the guest host Mayim Bialik.

Who is the new super champ?

Long, a rideshare driver from Philadelphia, the show’s last super champion, won 16 games. Danger! In one line, however, Eric Ahasik, a meteorologist from Minneapolis, ended Long’s reign and took the title of champion for himself.

Long chooses to look the bright side, though, and celebrates the victories under his belt. “My knee hurts a lot right now from a few weeks of standing on the podium,” Ryan said, reflecting on his running. “It simply came to our notice then. After all, I can’t even put a specific value on it. It’s been great. ”

However, a lot Danger! Fans have chosen to comment on Bialik’s hosting style, not Long’s time on the show. It’s no secret that many viewers of the game dislike Bialik and are campaigning for Jennings to get a permanent hosting position.

Fans slam Bialik for hosting style: ‘She’s annoying’

A video comment section Danger! People who posted on their Facebook accounts denounced Bialik for almost everything he did while on the show. “I don’t see him,” one wrote. “He’s not ‘feeling’ real, he’s acting as part of the game show host. If he stays, I’ll be gone.”

“Has anyone noticed that rounds often get smaller when hosting Mime?” Indicates another person. “I think we lose 20 seconds after each question while he’s waiting for the producers to see if it’s right or wrong. I find him unprepared. I try to see him every night, but it’s a struggle. I will not see danger. “

Someone else commented, “Hey endangered people … bring Kane back. He makes the show even more entertaining … he’s annoying.” Others have accused Bialik of calling time and talking robotically before the market sounds.

A lot Danger! Fans are eagerly waiting to see who gets the permanent hosting gig: Bialik or Jennings. No word yet, but there are rumors that Jennings will receive a regular version of the show and host a celebrity version of Bialik Danger! While Long has just finished an impressive run on the game show, it’s sad that so many are choosing to focus on their dislike of Bialik.

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