According to experts, 6 items are not worth buying new

We’ve all heard that we should never buy a brand-new car because if you move it too far it can lose its value. What else should not be bought? Here are six items you should consider buying gently:

1. Jewelry

Diamond ring and necklace shown in a display case
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A used ring? A secondhand necklace? Yes

“While it’s not a new car you’ll underestimate the second time you buy it, it will be underestimated when you try to sell it,” said Caleb Reed, founder of Instead, buy used jewelry. When you buy used jewelry, you can save up to 40% of its original price. ”

And, Reed said, “Once you renew and polish it, no one will notice that it has been used.”

2. Books

Old books on wooden shelves

Whether it’s the recent Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick or the recent David Baldaki, Bob Scott, a real estate investor and founder of Sellland,, almost never buys a new book.

“I believe that books, whether they be brand new or secondhand, serve the same purpose – to convey the message of the author,” Scott said. “There may be some cleanliness or some specific pages, but nonetheless, they still have the same pages and content as the brand new ones. By buying used books, you can basically learn the same thing at a lower price. “

3. Baby gear

Newborn babies sitting on white high chairs looking at colorful mobile toys
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It makes sense to buy or even rent used things for a baby instead of buying new ones.

“New parents often hope that trendy gadgets will train the child to sleep better and longer or help them to have more fun so that mom and dad can relax,” says Andrea Oroch, one of Money-saving and lifestyle-budgeting expert, “But many of these baby items are only used for a few months and are rarely used, so hundreds of dollars of wasted money is wasted.”

4. Gym equipment

People are adding more weight to adjustable dumbbells at home gym
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We all did not follow our fitness goals during the epidemic, which means there is a lot of used equipment around. Fortunately, there is not much risk involved in buying used equipment, says Elena Jones, founder of Finance Tsar.

“Used elliptical, stationary bikes, rovers, and weight supplies are one-tenth the price of recent equipment,” Jones said. “Used gear can help save big money if you want to set up a private gym at home.”

5. Furniture

Close up of a wooden cabinet.
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High-quality used wooden furniture, especially pieces made of hardwood, can be much more.

Gary Grewal, a certified financial planner at, says, “You can save up to 50% on newer used furniture. “Bedframes, dressers, kitchen stools and bookshelves don’t serve you much more than new uses, especially when you find something made with good materials and that is taken care of.”

6. Pets

People holding puppies in a shelter.
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Adopt, do not shop! If you are considering adding a pet to your family, look for a shelter first.

“Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for a new family member, you can adopt one for just a few dollars,” said Jibran Kazi, MCPD’s online marketer. “By adopting a pet from the shelter, you can spend time with the animal before you buy. When you purchase from a breeder, you can’t always spend time with the animal before.”

You can save on veterinary bills by getting pet insurance.

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