Accused of ‘shutting out’ Prince William Harry and Meghan Merkel

Did Prince William Off Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel Outside the royal family’s platinum jubilee celebrations? A tabloid has claimed that Sussex has been officially abandoned. Here’s what we know.

Harry and Meghan ‘shut out’ by William?

Latest version They The report said that Prince William could not stop Prince Harry and Megan Merkel from flying to London, but he could certainly keep them away from their family plans. Buckingham Palace recently announced that “after careful consideration,” the firm will not invite Sussex to join the Queen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping the Color. But according to outlet sources, William and Prince Charles were behind the move.

“They feel that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have created nothing but chaos since their endless conversations and interviews, casting a shadow over the royal family and moving to the United States,” an insider said. “They think it would be hypocritical for Harry and Meghan to be laughing with the crowd from the porch and for them to work as a big happy family.”

Sources, however, spread that Charles and William may have acted against the Queen’s wishes. “The Queen is actually open to keeping Harry and Meghan by her side,” the source revealed. But Charles and William’s “main concern is that the celebrations go well … and the drama follows them wherever Harry and Megan go,” concludes internally.

Has Prince William avoided the ‘chaos’ of Sussex?

The report seeks to dramatize pressure by making a very general announcement at Buckingham Palace. It is true that Prince Harry and Megan Merkel were not invited to the porch for Trooping the Color, but not because William excluded them specifically. The palace has decided to keep the guests on the verandah confined to the working royal family only. This means Prince Andrew, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenio will be absent from the balcony.

And this makes a reasonable amount of money. The royal family stretches quite far, so they obviously have to draw the line somewhere. So, if Harry and Merkel did not take the royal responsibility, they would not be formally representing the royal family in Trooping the Color এটি it would be that simple. And recent pictures of Prince Harry and Megan Merkel looking happier than ever make us think they weren’t too bothered by the announcement.

Tabloids on Prince Harry and Megan Merkel

This is the first time we have encountered such a story They. Last year, the outlet reported that Merkel was signing a $ 200 million informal deal. The magazine then claims that Merkel is arguing with Oprah Winfrey. And recently, the publication claims that Harry and Merkel have earned a reputation as “owners of hell.” Obviously, They There is really no finger on the pulse of the royal drama.

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