Adam Sandler, Queen Latifah Dish rubbing each other’s feet in the new film

Adam Sandler And Queen Latifah I’ve been friends for years, and with their new Netflix movie Hurry upThe pair finally got the chance to take that friendship to the big screen – with Sandler’s love for basketball.

Sandler Dish about working with Latifa: ‘It was an absolute pleasure’

Hostel tells the story of Stanley Sugarman, played by Sandler, a Philadelphia 76ers scout who finds an unlikely potential player on the streets of Spain. Latifah played Sandler’s wife, and for longtime friends, showing love on screen was no problem.

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“Me and the Queen, we’ve been tight for a long time,” Sandler said Yahoo!. “I love it [her]. It was an absolute joy. Whenever the queen appears on the set, anytime, anywhere we are, people look up [and say]’That’s the queen, man.’ It’s good energy. She makes people happy, and [is] Good on everyone… I mean, it was a good idea, man. “

Latifah jokes about how close he and Sandler were on the set

Latifah was just as overwhelmed with praise for her co-star. “She’s amazing,” he shared. “And you know, seeing him do his work for so many years and giving us so much joy and entertainment… it’s amazing.” He joked, “I was, ‘One day he’ll rub my feet.'”

Although they are friends, Sandler and Latifah did not find their kissing scenes strange. “During rehearsals, I probably kissed harder with the mask,” Sandler joked. “He was ready,” Latifah shouted. Sandler continued, “We’re a little relieved.” Latifah agreed, “We were comfortable. I think they were simple things. ”

‘Hostel’ director: ‘Together they are very funny and sweet’

According to movie director Jeremiah Jagger, Sandler was the one who pressured Latifah to cast her in the movie. “Adam wanted to work with her and I liked the idea,” he explained.

“I mean, I think they feel like a real Philly couple, and I think that’s great about it,” he continued. “And the Queen has the same thing as Adam, which is that movie star shines in every woman’s feelings. And I think that’s really a special quality. And together they are very funny and sweet. “

“They looked like a real couple,” the director explained. “It simply came to our notice then.

Hurry upIt also stars Ben Foster and Robert Duval, Now available for streaming on Netflix, and fans of both Sandler and Latifah are thrilled to see longtime friends sharing the screen together.

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