Adele is accused of having a party without her boyfriend Rich Paul

Is Adele Ready to break up with Rich Paul? The sports agent was seen partying without Adele on her birthday. Is he really upset enough to finish the good thing? Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Adele Dump Rolling Deep’

According to National Investigator, A storm flirting with other women on Paul Adele’s birthday He chose to hang out with LeBron James instead of his singing girlfriend. A source said, “His friends have not seen him so happy for a long time. He spent time with LeBron at his birthday party in Miami, and many beautiful girls were at his table. “

Adele posted a few social media posts on her birthday and made no mention of Paul. Insiders say the two are “breathing a little” but things could be worse than letting them go. Adele presumably canceled her Las Vegas residency so she could repair their floundering union. “It doesn’t hurt Adele that it’s really over, but it’s hard for their friends to see them come back together,” a source concludes.

Are rich Paul and Adele still together?

Ah, the danger of print media. Although Paul was not with Adele on her birthday, multiple sources said People The two are still together. They went to Napa a few days later and Paul and Adele were both sitting on the courtside at the Golden State Warriors game. Adele posted some nice pictures with Paul next to the caption on Instagram, “Time flies.”

The two were separated on his birthday for business reasons. Adele is working hard at her new residence, while Paul and James are celebrating Formula 1 weekend in Miami. Although the two have not been seen in public for months, it is all over now. They were obviously getting stronger, so this outlet clearly had no real insight into their lives.

Bogus Adele story

Rumors about Paul have spread that Adele is the real reason for the suspension of the Las Vegas Residency. Apparently, they’re either breaking up or she’s pregnant. Either is correct in this situation. Adele’s suspension was a multi-faceted problem with creative differences. Now that he has a different crew around, it should finally be.

For Investigator, It once tried to invent a rivalry between Adele and Taylor Swift. A source close to Swift laughed at the story Gossip Cop. Last year, we published the story of Adele quitting her diet because of Paul. He obviously didn’t. Paul and Adele are doing just fine, so this story is a complete lie.

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