Adult Film Star: I slept with Josh Dugar! And she asked me to dress up like a

A woman named Carly Brooks has come out and claimed that she had an affair with Josh Dugar.

This, and in itself, is not news.

The father of seven, recall, admitted in 2015 that he often slept behind his wife, admitting he used the Ashley Madison website years ago to find multiple concubines.

Yes, Josh crawled long before he was convicted in December of child sexual abuse.

Josh Dugar looks happy

Brooks, however, uploaded a tic-tac-toe video this week detailing some of the details behind his time with Duggar.

And this description, if true, is simply ill.

In the short clip, Brooks says the following:

“Speaking of Josh Dugar, I’m ashamed to say: I slept with him a few years ago when the whole Ashley-Madison scandal came out.”

Josh Dugar is a bad dad

Shortly after Duggar admitted to being a client of the adulterated-themed website, an adult film star named Danica Dillon also complained that she met Josh and slept with him through the platform.

Continued Brooks, who works in the same industry as Dillon, in his message:

“I was one of the women who slept with Josh at the time, and hearing what happened to him made me very sick.

“I’m so upset I was with her.”

Anna Dugar and terrible husband

Josh, of course, was convicted of downloading illegal material about six months ago.

This substance is used by children under the age of 12 in a state of dress … or against their will.

He was sentenced to 151 months in federal prison on May 25 and is expected to report to the prison in the very near future.

Brooks, meanwhile, went on to make disgusting and disgusting claims about exactly what Dugar told him to do behind closed doors.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

At first, he simply said through TikTok that Josh “paid me generously, a really good amount. I will not disclose it here.”

But then he revealed what the money was for.

According to the YouTube channel “Tough Topic”, which appears to have captured Carly’s video before it was downloaded, Brooks complained that Josh had asked her to put her hair in a braid … to shave everything off her body … and cover her tattoos.

He further alleges that Dugar selected lingerie from the children’s section so that they could meet when they met, indicating that he was close to her on many occasions.

Josh Dugar and Anna Dugar

To be clear, we can’t verify this story.

We have no idea if what Brooks claims is legitimate.

We To be able to Say, though, that it would be surprising if we didn’t learn anything about Josh Dugar at the moment.

Dugar had previously denied that he slept with Dillian, although he admitted to cheating on his wife in a statement about seven years ago, at which point it also emerged that he had molested his own sisters as teenagers.

Josh Dugar's post-conviction mug shot

“I was the biggest hypocrite ever,” the former reality star said at the time.

“While advocating faith and family values, I have been secretly watching pornography on the internet for the last few years and it has become a secret addiction.

“I have become unfaithful to my wife.”

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