After the cancellation of Netflix by Megan Merkel, it has been reported that ‘Pearl’ is looking for a new network

Meghan Merkel And Prince Harry Learning hard lessons about the television industry. Netflix has plugged into their animated series Pearls. The two are determined to find a new home in the show. What’s going on here?

There is a problem with Netflix

Netflix is ​​experiencing some of the worst days in the company’s history. This has erased a lot of goodwill with sponsors over the decision to skip password sharing. This, in partnership with a price increase, leads consumers to a sharp decline As a result, the company’s market value dropped by $ 50 billion and the bleeding did not stop. The stock has not been so low since 2017.

In this unprecedented fall, Streaming Titan is canceling some of its shows to recover costs. Cooking with Paris And Baby-sitters club Both have been canceled, as was the Emily Osment series Pretty smart Some names

Pearls, An animated children’s series from Archwell Studios, is one of many shows for taking the ax. Netflix, of course, is not out of the Sussex business. Documentary series Heart of Invictus With most of the filming completed last month in the Netherlands, there is still full steam ahead.

Meghan Merkel Looking for a new home?

Per The sunMarkle is not ready to leave Pearls Still. He and executive producer David Furnish are “reviewing the project to see where it can find a home”, according to LA insiders. The two are working on projects with other streaming titans such as Disney, Amazon and Apple. Merkel has worked with Disney on documentaries of her nature, and Harry was the subject of an AppleTV documentary about mental health.

Merkel and Furnish are not ready to throw in the towel because Netflix has not said so. Although canceled is a hit, both have a lot of connections in Hollywood that they hope will save the series. The future of the show should be decided next week.

Should we buy it?

The The sun Merkel does not have the biggest reputation in the world. However, this story sounds pretty believable. Before the stock drop, Netflix and Archewell went full steam ahead Pearls, Job listings are rising above all normal sites. Merkel will not be the champion of this project in the first place if she does not believe in it.

If one powerful studio believes in the project, who is to say that the other will not accept it? Only time will tell Pearls Sometimes survives to see the light of day.

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