Alec Baldwin fought Hillary for their $ 60M prep last year, suspect

Did Alec Baldwin And Hilaria Baldwin Wrestling on their prenup? Last year, a rumor spread about an impending Baldwin divorce. I look back at that story to see what happened.

The Baldwin’s ’60 Million Prenap ‘

Per In contact, Alec and Hilaria were considering changing their prenup for reports of copying his Spanish accent. Alec was apparently not happy with the news. An insider said, “Even if he lied to her … it could mean the end of their marriage and their fight over 60 60 million in prunes.” Hilaria then came under fire when a tick-tock post apparently proved that she was lying about her Spanish heritage and apparently pretended not to know what the English word cucumber was.

As we mentioned at the time, this story is based on the idea that Alec was deceived by the public. This is not true. Alec defended Hilaria during the fierce debate. This was rarely the first time a tabloid claimed that Baldwin’s marriage would end for trivialities. The Baldwins welcomed their sixth child when this story came out, so everything was fine.

Did Alec Baldwin Get Divorced?

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are still married, so this story was bogus, in the beginning. Gossip Cop Suppose it is possible that they have reconfigured their prenup, but only they and their lawyers can know for sure. Last year proved to be a painful one for the family.

On October 21, 2021, Halina Hutchins was accidentally shot dead on the set of Alec’s movie. Rust. Preliminary reports indicate that Alec pulled the trigger, which he now unequivocally denies. Tragedy engulfs Alec’s entire life. Hillary has sided with him on the whole issue. Cracks in the intensity Rust The shooting and the Spanish scandal may not be widespread, but they prove that the Baldwins are still loyal to each other.

In fact, they are having another child. Hilaria is pregnant with the couple’s seventh child. Their future is growing together as their family.

Divorce gossip is still plentiful

Rumors of Baldwin’s divorce have grown since Hutchins’ tragic death. They Alec claims the marriage was dragged down because of the incident. Meanwhile, the National Investigator A voice stress analyst was quoted as saying that Baldwin was lying about his role in the shooting. The meaning of such a big story is inevitably going to be this kind of irrational thread that has no truth behind it. Gossip Cop Alec and Hilaria were just too happy to debunk this story together.

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