Amber Hard Demonized in Johnny Depp Trial on Social Media

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Defamation trial Amber Hard And her ex-husband Johnny Depp Ending, but many who have seen the trial are still struggling with a fairly tragic frenzy surrounding its coverage. In particular, despite Depp presenting evidence that Hard was offensive to them during their marriage, most of the negative coverage in both the media and social media centers on Hard.

The monstrosity of Amber Hard during the defamation trial

Looking at the response to the Amber Hard / Johnny Depp defamation lawsuit on social media, you may be surprised at how much vitriol has been thrown at Hard. Both Depp and Hard have accused the other party of abuse and their legal parties have presented evidence to support those claims. From all the available evidence, it would appear that abuse must have been present in that relationship.

Despite this credible evidence that he was at least a victim of abuse, many online have focused on their most frightening, hateful comments and jokes hard. Across social media, annoying images using Hard’s cries during the trial have popped up. A photo shows a trash can with Hard’s weeping face taped, clearly indicating that he is “trash”.

Just as people did when Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston and started dating Angelina Jolie, some people have started to set up tip jars bearing the name Hard or Depp. Back then, people used to claim Tim Aniston or Tim Jolie, but using this tactic in domestic violence is particularly disgusting.

Depp must have made credible allegations of abuse against Hard, but his own allegations against Depp are equally credible, so why is there so much resentment and disgust against him?

Johnny Depp’s fame scale tipping?

Two factors cannot be ignored: Depp’s level of superstardom and Hard’s relative identity, as well as Hard’s female identity. It seems ridiculously obvious that Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors of our lifetime while Hardy’s most famous achievement so far. AquamanWhich was republished in 2018. Although they share the same profession, everyone has a different level of fame that they may have in different stratospheres.

Fairfax, Virginia – May 24: Supporters wait for actor Johnny Depp outside Fairfax County Courthouse during a defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Hard on May 24, 2022 in Fairfax, Virginia. Friday is the day of the last argument. (Photo by Alex Wang / Getty Images)

It is also undeniable that Herd’s identity as a woman has played a role in the sheer scale of his path. It is widely accepted that women are frequently the target of online harassment and when it comes to high-profile cases, that trend continues. Hard has already been the victim of a blatant misinformation, including baseless and unreasonable claims that he took cocaine while in the witness stand, while Depp’s fans “fancamed” him by showing his “testimony” throughout the trial.

It’s frustrating, to say the least, that people look down on this case and see Heard as a fan of Depp. The case has not yet been decided as of the time of publication, but it is already clear who the guilty parties are: those who have gone out of their way not only to give a verdict but also to defame them.

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