Amber Hard returns to the witness stand, weeping over the “torture” of the online threat

Amber Hard returned to the witness stand on Thursday, testifying again as part of the Johnny Depp defamation suit against her.

The actress – who had previously been married to Depp for nearly a year and who sued the actor for pointing him to a 2018 Washington Post op-ed to insult her – quickly broke down over how she was treated. Online for the past few weeks.

During this very public trial, Depp claimed that I heard Their relationship was violent – punching him, spitting on him and even defecating in his bed once.

Amber in the stand

As has been stated in detail here and elsewhere, Hard has apparently become the most hated person on the Internet since the trial began.

And he says harassment has taken a big toll.

“Every day, I have to recover from the trauma,” the 36-year-old told the courtroom on the last day of his defamation testimony, adding in tears that the whole ordeal had taken place. Torture And saying:

“Maybe it’s easy to forget, but I’m a man.”

Depp vs. Hard

Whether this is true or not, Herd has been portrayed by Depp and his defense team as a restless and belligerent mess.

“I get harassed, humiliated, threatened every single day,” Hard continued on Thursday.

“Even just walking in this courtroom, sitting here in front of the world, the worst part of my life, which I live in, would insult me. People want to kill me, and they tell me so every day.

“People want to put my baby in the microwave, and they tell me.

“Johnny threatened … Promise I – that if I ever let him go, the day I live he will make me think of him. “

Amber Hard tells her side

Hard admits he’s not a “saint,” but only retaliates against Depp’s aggression.

“It was painful,” he said, citing online “satire” from his testimony.

“I just want Johnny to leave me alone … I don’t deserve it. I want to move on.”

When questioned by Depp’s lawyer, Hard later said, “I did not lie about what I came here to say.”

Amber hard in the courtroom

Depp, for her part, constantly points the finger at Hard as the only perpetrator of violence during their marriage.

“No man is perfect, of course not. None of us are,” Depp said Wednesday as a witness.

“But I’ve never in my life told a sexual battery, physical abuse, all these weird, offensive stories that I’ve done these things and have lived with it for six years and waiting to be able to reveal the truth.

“It’s not easy for any of us; I know.”

Depp testifies

Hard had previously told the court that he had admitted he would not “survive” if he did not leave Depp, saying under oath:

“I was just scared that it would end so badly for me …

“I believe he would have taken it a long way and I wouldn’t have stayed here.”

Depp, meanwhile, testified that he had never hit hard or hit a woman in his life.

Johnny Depp testified

These days as a constant threat, however?

At one point during the trial, on August 15, 2016, a text message written by Depp was read aloud in the courtroom.

In it, he writes about not doing “any mercy” for Herd and wishing him death after their controversial separation.

He said he was “begging for the whole world humiliation” and “he’s going to get it.”

Also read the text message as follows:

“I’m so happy — he wants to fight it !!! He’ll hit the wall hard !!!” And “I can only hope that Karma will receive the gift of breath from him.”

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