An easy solution to avoid mosquito bites

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We all know how the story goes. You’re out and about, enjoying the backyard barbecue So Lots of fun but then the evening comes down. Of course, At least One of the group will be eaten alive by mosquitoes and some will be safe from blood-thirsty slight tremors. In my family, my husband is relatively unprepared, but my daughter and I are relentlessly attacked. It’s annoying, frustrating, and Itching. And we have to go in much earlier.

We tried almost everything. After the exhausting treatment of bug spray, essential oil and various citronella remedies, we gave up hope. Because, sadly, these do nothing to quench the hunger of the female mosquito. Even last year our yard was sprayed with pesticides by professionals. But, this year I want to avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to our backyard.

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Recently, we learned a technique that can help prevent mosquitoes and we are so embarrassed that we never thought of it before.

Dine al fresco without the main course

Mosquitoes (and other insects) can be killed by fog or spraying in your backyard, but only temporarily. Citronella candles can add some ambience to an outdoor setting, but according to a 2017 study, that’s all they will do. And DEET has some side effects. Irritation, redness, rash, and swelling are all common side effects of common ingredients found in bug sprays.

The solution is surprisingly simple. According to the American Mosquito Control Association, adding a large fan to your outdoor area can be a bit of a relief. This is certainly a common problem with a less technical solution.

Easy solution

If you are an observer, you have probably noticed that after a windy day you don’t have so many mosquito bites. Since mosquitoes are relatively weak flyers, they cannot fly in puffy air Or The flutter of a fan. Especially if the gust is more than 10 miles per hour. A 2003 study found that fan-powered air was a practical way to protect humans and animals from mosquitoes.

No matter what fan you want to use, be sure to unplug it after use and take it inside. Below are some of our favorite fans. Some have an additional misting feature, some are mountable and others are oscillating. High-speed fan with some attached LED lights. But, all of these will help keep you cool, as well as keep mosquitoes away. And, now I’m definitely adding something to my cart.

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