Angela Kelly K, the queen’s ‘best friend’ who is reported to have moved to Windsor

The world is watching Queen Elizabeth Since he is canceling royal engagements and moving away from events due to mobility problems, he seems to have come up with a solution: get rid of his best friend, Angela KellyWindsor Castle.

Kelly ‘gone inside’, Royal source says

The sun Kelly reportedly moved to Windsor during the first COVID-19 lockdown, joined the royal “bubble” and helped the Queen with everyday things. However, the move seems to be quite permanent now.

“She is OK. She’s gone,” a source said The sun. Her suite is right next to Queen Elizabeth and she has a 42-inch television in her room. So, who is Kelly and why is the queen relying so much on her?

Who is Angela Kelly?

Kelly joined the royal family in 1994 as The Queen’s Dresser. Today her official title is Personal Assistant, Advisor and Curator of His Majesty the Queen (Jewelry, Insignia and Wardrobe.) She is also the King’s Senior Dresser.

Being the Queen’s dresser means that Kelly is responsible for all the elements of Queen Elizabeth’s dress, from her everyday dress and ball gown to her jewelry and accessories. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but there’s been a lot of research on the Queen’s attire. Kelly must research the royal visit sites, as well as the significance of the color, so as not to clash with the decor or send unintentional messages.

Her work as a designer and writer

Kelly doesn’t just pick clothes for the queen; She designs it. Some of Kelly’s most recognizable creations include Prince Elizabeth’s wedding dress for Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice’s wedding gown recreated from the queen’s dress, and a replica of the royal Christian gown that royal children have been wearing since 208.

In addition to her royal work, Kelly also co-founded a fashion label called Kelly and Pordam with another royal fashion activist, Allison Pordam. Pordam was the queen’s underwear maker until 2008. Kelly also wrote two books: Dressing the Queen: The Jubilee Wardrobe And Other aspects of the coin: queen, dresser and wardrobe.

Although Kelly’s responsibilities are related to royal attire, it seems that her relationship with Queen Elizabeth is very strong. The Queen’s deteriorating health was a concern for her friends, family and the public, but it was good to know that she was surrounded by longtime friends like Kelly.

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