Angela Lansbury fans are worried after missing the Star 2022 Tony Award

The recent Tony Awards show delighted Broadway fans, but some viewers were concerned about a face missing from the audience. Angela Lansberry Was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award — so why not accept the award?

Fans react to Lancebury’s absence: ‘He missed so much’

The legendary actress is best known for her role Murder he wroteBut he has made his mark on the Broadway stage, such as starring in hit shows Sweeney Todd, NomadsAnd Ma’am. His Lifetime Achievement Award was presented during the pre-show, and Lansbury was very clearly absent.

Fans took to Twitter to express their concern over Lancebury’s absence. “I hope they ask Angela Lansbury to send me a recording because I’d love to hear from her,” one fan tweeted. “She missed so much.”

“Angela Lansbury’s absence, even in video, is disturbing.” Another wrote. “And that probably helps explain why it wasn’t on the main broadcast.” Many Tony viewers were dissatisfied that the Lansbury Award presentation did not take place during the original broadcast.

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“It’s a shame that the Lifetime Achievement Award for Angela Lansbury is not in the original telecast, as well as terribly short. I don’t care if he is there or not. ” Someone tweeted.

Another wrote, “Are they seriously honoring Angela Lansbury in the pre-show. We have so many living legends. You make time for them.” Although many were annoyed that Lancebury’s award was not presented during the original broadcast of the award show, this meant that if he did not accept the award, Tennis would not feel the need to give him show time.

Its iconic Broadway history

Lancebury is a five-time Tony winner, having won four Best Actress awards at the Musical Awards for her role. Ma’am, Dear world, NomadsAnd Sweeney Todd. In 2009, she won Best Actress in a Drama – her first Tony for a non-musical show – for her work. Bleath Spirit.

There is no official word on why Lansbury did not make it to this year’s Tony Awards, but he often talks about how healthy he feels for his age. In a 2018 interview, the actress said, “I feel full of energy and I certainly don’t feel 93 years old. I like a glass of wine and take lots of vitamins – maybe it keeps me going.”

Lansbury fans are sorry he missed out on celebrating Tony with such high regard this year, and hope he stays healthy for a long time.

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