Angelina Jolie presumably bans Brad Pitt from Shiloh’s birthday party, sketchy

Is Angelina Jolie Observance Brad Pitt Away from their children? A tabloid has claimed that the former energy couple will not share a room together, not even at Shiloh’s 16th birthday party. Let’s check the isolated exes.

Angelina Jolie ‘Bars’ Brad Pitt from Shiloh’s birthday?

This week, National Investigator The report states that Angelina Jolie is “under lock and key” until her and Brad Pitt’s children reach the age of eighteen. According to the article, Jolie banned her ex-husband from attending their daughter Shiloh’s recent 16th birthday party. “Brad is only allowed to see Shiloh by appointment and for a limited time when he is driven to his estate by Angelina’s preferred driver and security guard,” an insider revealed. “It’s heartbreaking for Brad as well as Shiloh.”

And sources say Jolie doesn’t seem to be making any compromises anytime soon “It’s very clear that Angie is going to keep this strategy right until the kids are over 18,” Tipster proves. “What Brad says or tries to do will not change his position, even if it means misery all around.”

‘Hardheaded’ Angelina Jolie is ‘strengthening the kingdom’ in Shiloh?

There are several issues to note in this report. We will admit that the magazine is correct in one count: Angelina Jolie has complete custody of her children and Brad Pitt has limited access to her children. With that in mind, it’s entirely possible that Pete didn’t reach Shiloh’s sweet sixteen. That can be as annoying as the reality, just how their custody system is hammering out right now.

But we are very skeptical that the magazine knows anything about the lives of Jolie and Pete that are not already available to the public. The Jolie-Pitt family works hard to protect their privacy. We don’t know exactly how Shiloh spent his 16th birthday or who he spent it with, and we’re sure his family wants it. So, no, we’re not buying the testimony of this dubious tipster, and neither should A-lister fans.

The Magazine on Angelina Jolie

The National Investigator Angelina Jolie was particularly harsh when she and Brad Pitt called for her to leave. Late last year, the outlet reported that Jolie was setting a bad example with her “skeleton” look. The magazine then claims that Jolie caused emotional damage to her children in the war of custody. And most recently, the publication alleges that Jolie is making her children uncomfortable with her celebrity dates. Apparently, the Investigator There’s really no insight into Jolie’s personal life.

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