Anonymous sources say Kelly Clarkson’s apparently M 45M nest egg mid

Kelly Clarkson Is still recovering from her bitter divorce Brandon Blackstock. A report says he blew up his fortune on lawyers and repairs. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Kelly’s Ranch Money Pit!’

According to National Investigator, Clarkson is digging eggs for his $ 45 million home to keep his Montana farm on the ground. Literally. A sinkhole is destroying Clarkson’s property, and money is apparently beginning to dry up. Complicating matters is her divorce, which finally ended this year.

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“She is spending over $ 80,000 a month to maintain the property,” said a source “He wants to do the right thing and keep farm things and not trim people. But it is hurting his bank account বিশেষ especially now that he doesn’t have 14 14 million-a-season salary. Voice Read on. “

When The Voice While Clarkson may not be the only revenue stream, the outlet indicates that wood and labor costs are high. Friends are apparently asking Clarkson to sell the farm, but after all he has done to get it, he is presumably refusing. The source concludes, “She really loves the place and the kids love it too. She fought so hard to hold on to Brandon and can’t let it go now.

Is Kelly Clarkson going bankrupt?

The Investigator Kelly tries to handwave Clarkson’s varied income streams because they do not match her description. He may be taking a year off Voice, But he saved up and got a decade’s worth of that salary. There is Kelly Clarkson show, His royalty from music, and a furniture line at Wayfair. The $ 45 million estimate seems a little low for Clarkson when you consider his career earnings.

Filling a small sinkhole, such as Clarkson’s property, can cost up to $ 20,000. Fortunately, he is a millionaire. She’s good for it. If Clarkson is super strapped for cash, he can just go back Voice Or go on a tour. Now that Blackstock has finally come out of its life, there are better days ahead.

A trade reputation

You can’t believe it Investigator Because of his rough track record with Clarkson’s story. Gossip Cop Clarkson published his article about Clarkson desperately trying to hold on to his fate. He ran his business in court, so that story was completely wrong. Earlier, it claimed Clarkson’s drinking was out of control. There is no evidence to back that up.

Paying for maintenance on a farm is expensive, but Clarkson is a millionaire. People live in comfort with much less than that. He will never be able to work easily and stay well.

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