Anonymous sources say Kim Kardashian is apparently in “Divorce Hell” after Kanye

Is Kim Kardashian Trapped in the trap of divorce from hell? According to a report, there is an ongoing problem in this Connie West And his legal advice is taking Kardashian to the top of the wall. Here’s what we know.

‘Kim’s divorce nightmare’

According to Lifestyle, The latest dismissal of his fourth lawyer in the West is making Kardashian’s life horrible. The West’s latest attorney, Samantha Specter, filed for waiver last month, apparently a nightmare for Kardashian. She will not be able to move forward financially until her divorce is settled.

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A source said, “Kani is very special, and if he thinks that one of his lawyers has closed the thing, or they do not meet one of his impossible demands, then he is not happy. The dynamics change immediately, and they usually leave. Or fired. ” The West presumably constantly changes its needs and aspirations.

Tensions seemed to cool in March when West claimed he was telling lawyers to “speed up the dissolution of my marriage”, but now he has left an out-of-state attorney specializing in corporate dealings. One insider concluded, “Kim believes that the latest lawyer’s departure is another way for Kanye to try to delay anything – as if he doesn’t want her to be happy.” Kim is stuck in a hell of a divorce. “

What is Kim Kardashian doing?

Have you seen Kim Kardashian recently? Looks like every day there’s a new headline about her falling in love with Pete Davidson. This week, a source said People, A much more well-known source than the tabloids in question, “Head over to Kim Hill. He can’t get enough of Pete. She treats him very well. “They added,” She is the happiest.

This is how you describe someone trapped in the hell of marriage? While the continued dismissal of Western lawyers is certainly a headache, it is far worse for the West than for Kardashian. If there is anything, it can help her because she can push and pull for what they want. Hollywood divorces can often drag on year after year, but it seems Kardashian is not letting it bother her so much.

There is another Kardashian gossip

About a year ago this tabloid announced that Kardashian was ready to marry Van Jones. It was a wild story considering the two weren’t even dating. A few months later, Lifestyle Claims West and Kardashian are closing the whole thing. They did not.

Most recently, this tabloid tried to use Davidson to stoke drama between Kardashian and Chris Jenner. “Medalling mommager” seems to be on the same page as her daughter, so that too was a lie. With a track record this heinous, impossible to believe what this tabloid is talking about.

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