Are Emily Beverly and Kobe Blaise still together?

This season, the toxic aspects of Emily Bieberley and Kobe Blaze’s story play on the worst instincts. 90 day engagement The audience

But it’s not just about editing and malpractice. There is this couple Real Problems that have just been exaggerated in production.

In this week’s episode, Kobe sees Snap, telling Emily to “shoot the FK up” in front of her mother after she sits down.

Some people will never work and it is better to be different. Are they still together?

Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberley in the confession

In previous episodes, Emily Beverly wanted to explain to Kobe Blaise what to do.

It’s not just that he’s teaching her something – she’s teaching him important things that should never be taken lightly.

How to change a diaper, how to put Koban in his car seat, how to do it Please never Feed whole peanuts to a 17 month old … you have to get it right the first time.

Emily Beverly is excited for Kobe Blaise so they can hang out

In Episode 7, Kobe learns how to help his parents land.

(The reasons were so vague that we got the feeling that the production had asked them to do something interesting, but hey, maybe Lisa really needed help.)

Emily was eager to be able to spend time with Kobe when he shoved some stinking horseback offers at the stables.

Emily Beverly gets busy with how to do things

Unfortunately, he channeled this excitement to make Kobe a badger to do the job fundamentally differently.

He was the boss and was managing her in a job that was not urgent or consequential.

There are people who like to be told exactly what to do and how to do it. Kobe is not one of them.

Kobe Blaise is shaking after receiving instructions

Emily felt she was being “helpful” by telling Kobe how to speed things up so they could move on to something else.

Kobe felt he was being patronized and annoyed.

None of them shared their feelings with each other very well. They become abusive, hurt each other’s feelings and then things get worse:

Kobe Blaise - Can you just turn the F off?

There are no situations, perhaps outside the role of certain bedrooms, when your partner should be told to “chop off.”

Kobe didn’t respond to a joke or a funny story – he demanded that Emily stop talking to him, as rudely as possible.

Such a line would very reasonably end the friendship. It’s an offensive way to talk to one’s fianc … especially in front of her mother, but also personally.

Emily Bieberley has never seen this poisonous side of her before

Emily was stunned, and she said a lot to the camera before going inside.

He had never seen this aspect of Kobe before, not even in their two months in China, nor in their long-distance relationship.

Will he respond in this way during future disagreements?

Kobe Blaise - I think it's an American thing

At the stable, Kobe spoke awkwardly to Lisa, Emily’s mother.

Kobe seems to have missed the nuances of how rude and hostile she was to her fianc.

She wondered if this conflict was related to their coming from different cultures with their different gender roles.

Lisa Beverly says subtly that this is a "Person" Things, her husband won't

Lisa was able to gently move Kobe to the other side, helping her to understand her daughter’s reaction a little better.

It’s not about how men and women talk in the United States, it’s about how one person talks to another.

She mentioned that the way Kobe talked to Emily, her husband would never talk to her.

Emily Bieberley faces Kobe Blaise, two semi-apologists

When Kobe goes inside, the two of them apologize half to each other.

Emily didn’t realize how much of a boss she was.

Kobe had more apologies, but he still had no idea he understood the line he had crossed.

Kobe Blaise walks with Emily Beverly and Lisa

Prior to this recent controversy, most of the conflict we saw was related to the audience.

Persuaded by the production crew and the editors, misogynistic trolls pounce on Emily with hatred.

From being honest about her sexual history with Kobe (no!) To breastfeeding her son, she set a simple goal for a specific segment of the audience.

Emily and Kobe for Season 9

But are Emily and Kobe still together? We know that all of this was filmed many months ago – probably late last year.

Many, but not all, we will consider “Shut the F-K Up” as an absolute relationship breaker, whatever it is, although this is clearly not the case with Emily.

Can they stay together even after multiple disputes and such harsh word exchanges?

Tribute to Kobe Blaise IG Mother's Day 2022

Last month, Kobe and Emily hinted that they were still together.

Kobe gave a shout out on Mother’s Day, praising all the moms but single-handedly telling Emily “I still got this great lady.”

Emily reinforces the hint that she loves him in a comment, as you can see above. It turns out that they were together very recently.

Kobe Blaise IG still knows your valuable videos

To complicate matters, Kobe made a vague post on Instagram after the episode 8 aired.

“Know your worth and never feel bad about breaking up a relationship or leaving a place where you are not appreciated,” he wrote.

“Some people have a reason in your life,” he suggested, “while others stay for a season.”

Kobe Blaise IG knows your valuable captions

“And,” Kobe continued, “most of the time those seasonal people in your life will make you feel like you can’t live without them.”

He advised: “Remember that God does not only bless people financially, it can also be a blessing to take someone out of you. We move away.”

That sounds like a lot of advice … but is it a sign that he and Emily are gone? Only time will tell.

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