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Laurie Laughlin has made her red carpet debut since her release from prison

Laurie Laughlin has made her red carpet debut since her release from prison

Laurie Laughlin Fewer profiles have been kept since the news of the college admission scandal spread. The actress spent two months in prison in 2020 and has made a quiet comeback to Hollywood ever since – including her first red-carpet appearance since her arrest.

Laghalin’s first appearance on the red carpet in a few years

Loughlin joined the DesignCare 2022 Gala, which benefits the Hollywood Road Foundation. Founded by actress Holly Robinson Pitt, the organization provides support to people with Parkinson’s disease and the families of children with autism.

Laurie Laughlin smiles while wearing a blue, long-sleeved dress.  She is holding a light pink clutch.
(Tiffany Rose / Getty Images for the Hollywood Foundation)

The actress wore a blue, long-sleeved dress, accessory with silver, strappy heels and a matching clutch. It was her first time walking the red carpet since 2019, when she and her husband, Mosimo Giannoli, were arrested for their part in the college admissions scandal.

His part in the college admissions scandal

The following year, the couple pleaded guilty to paying $ 500,000 to identify their daughters, Olivia Z and Isabella Rose, as employers at the University of Southern California crew. No one has taken part in the game before.

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Laughlin was sentenced to two months in prison, with a 150,000 fine and 150 hours of community service. Giannulli was sentenced to five months in prison, a 250,000 fine and 250 hours of community service. Both have served their time.

Laghlin’s return to television: ‘He deserves a second chance’

Many in Hollywood wanted to distance themselves from Laughlin in the scandal involving the Hallmark Channel. “We are sorry for the recent news surrounding the college admissions allegations,” the network said in a statement at the time. “We are no longer working with Laurie Laughlin and have stopped developing all productions aired on the Crown Media Family Network channel, including Laurie Laughlin, an independent third-party production, including Garage Cell Mysteries.”

However, others, like the GAC family, have given Loughlin a break. Bring back Loughlin for the network When hope callsA spin-off of popular shows When Hart calls. A source said Our weekly That cast and crew are “very excited to get Lori back.”

“The crew is aware of the scandal he has gone through but firmly believes he deserves a second chance,” the source continued. “In meetings and calls, he was very sweet to everyone and always respectful so it was exciting for everyone involved. We have already talked with him about future projects. ” Fans of Laughlin are happy to see the actress return to the spotlight, on the TV screen and on the red carpet.

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Exploring Rumors of Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy

Exploring Rumors of Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy

Is Kate Middleton Plans to extend her child this year? Multiple rumors say the Duchess of Cambridge has a baby fever. Let’s see the beloved future queen’s wife.

Is Kate Middleton trying to have another child?

Back in January, All right! Kate Middleton reports getting itchy for another child. “Kate would love to have a fourth child, especially another girl,” an insider told the tabloids. “She and William don’t want to wait any longer. If all goes well, it could be an exciting announcement long ago. ” But before the end of the article, it is revealed that Meghan Merkel is also trying to get pregnant. “Friends say Meghan is feeling the urge to be a mother again and is seriously considering another one,” recalls one tipster.

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But we were immediately skeptical of this report for a number of reasons. At first, we were skeptical that anyone could possibly have such a personal knowledge of Kate Middleton. But when tipstar Meghan Merkel’s alleged baby fever came along, we were pretty sure that this anonymous source was a complete lie.

Is Prince William expecting another child?

Just a month later, All right! Kate Middleton said she was under pressure to have another child. After Meghan Merkel, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice all welcomed children within a year, sources said Middleton raised questions about her child. “Last year, when everyone was giving birth to their babies, Kate became a little broody,” said Snitch. “Suddenly, everyone in William’s family asked him if they would have one more.”

Of course, we have identified the painful embarrassment of this story. Although the magazine insisted that Middleton was becoming uncomfortable with all the speculations about the baby, this put her under pressure. And once we look back at past reports from Middleton’s outlets, it’s pretty much clear that the magazine is responding to its own misreporting with this dubious story.

Kate Middleton pregnant with twins?

Finally, Lifestyle Middleton and Prince William were on the verge of sharing some exciting news: they had two children on the way, not one. “There’s a rumor in Kate’s inner circle that she’s four months pregnant – and expecting twins!” An insider admitted. “He’s going to the doctor’s appointment and wearing a jacket to hide a small bump. But if you look really closely, it’s there!

Sometimes, the best way to tell if a story is true is to give it time. For one, Middleton was happily photographed with samples of local beer at a festival.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, UK, sampling local beer during a visit to Cambridgeshire County Day on June 23, 2022 at Newmarket Racecourse. (Via Paul Edwards / Pool / AFP Getty Images)

It is also noteworthy that this report was published two months ago. So, according to the tabloid’s timeline, Middleton will now be more than six months old. And fans may remember that Middleton’s figure is at Top gun: Maverick The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. He certainly wasn’t playing a baby bump, so now there’s nothing to deny that the magazine picked up the wrong tree bark with this story.

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Fans have responded to Queen Elizabeth’s new haircut

Fans have responded to Queen Elizabeth’s new haircut

Queen Elizabeth Not much was seen in the days following the Platinum Jubilee, but photos from a recent meeting at Windsor Castle show that the King changed his look during his vacation: a haircut!

Fans respond to Queen Elizabeth’s haircut: ‘Beautiful as usual’

The Queen was recently awarded the Canterbury Cross and the Archbishop of Canterbury came to Windsor to personally present the award to her. The royal family shared a photo of the meeting on their official Instagram account.

The caption reads, “Today at Windsor Castle, The Queen has received Archbishop of Canterbury @ JustinWelby for the audience.” “In this #Platinum Jubilee year, the Archbishop has awarded His Majesty a special ‘Canterbury Cross’ in recognition of his service to the Church of England for over seventy years.”

Queen Elizabeth wore a white, long-sleeved dress with a pink rose pattern. Fans quickly admired his attire and new hairstyle to comment on their thoughts about the king’s appearance.

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“Queen! She’s as beautiful as ever! She’s the best. I can’t wait to be in London again,” wrote one. Someone commented, “Oh … she has hair.[cut]Another added, “Oh, I can see her new hairstyle, it’s shorter than usual.”

Another look at the queen’s hair

Fans spotted Queen Elizabeth’s new hairstyle in another post from the royal family’s Instagram account, with the caption, “The Queen has today received Hon’ble Margaret Beazley, Governor of New South Wales, Australia, for visitors to Windsor Castle.”

“I like the queen’s new hairstyle !!!” One royal fan wrote. Another commented, “The queen looks happy and healthy today. Long live the queen.” So, who is behind Queen Elizabeth’s new ‘Doo’?

Angela Kelly, the woman behind the Queen’s hairstyle

Angela Kelly, the Queen’s personal adviser and curator, recently shared that she was in charge of cutting the Queen’s hair during the COVID-19 lockdown. “Every week since March 2020, I have washed, set and styled the queen’s hair and even trimmed it if necessary. My team named it Kelly’s Saloon, “he joked.

“The Queen knew I was nervous, and for the first two weeks I was shivering,” Kelly continued. “I did her hair once or twice before when she was on her way to Royal Yacht Britannia. The Queen was so kind that she suggested to me a very specific way of keeping the rollers. “Queen Elizabeth is rarely seen these days, but it’s nice to know that she’s ready for the camera, from fancy clothes to new haircuts!

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Your daily horoscope: June 24, 2022

Your daily horoscope: June 24, 2022

On Friday, June 24, the Sun was almost completely transformed into the 10th House of Social Status, ruled by Cancer. Meanwhile, the eroded moon leaves its exciting connection with the rebel Eris. Today, it will fly near Uranus under Taurus.

What does that mean for your sign today?

Aries (March 20 – April 19)
A little rebellion can be a good thing – however, don’t miss the word “little”. Not all rules should be followed, and every social structure should not be accepted without question. Just remember to align your rebellion with your moral compass.

Taurus (April 19 – May 20)
Leaving something or someone does not make you fail. This does not mean that you are wrong. In fact, you have a very good chance of making the right decision at that time. But people change – even you, Taurus.

Gemini (May 20 – June 21)
As a variable wind sign, you are in almost constant flow. As a result, you lose your self-esteem. In such short moments, it may be worthwhile to change your perspective a bit. How can you reframe your “bad” qualities to be good?

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)
The best for our sensitive state is hardly consistent with what our shallow, conscious realities want. This is surprising, as mental well-being often involves difficult, uncomfortable decisions. However, it is important that you create them anyway.

LEO (July 22 – August 22)
If you continue to stand in your way, you can virtually guarantee that you will not make any progress. Of course, flexibility is important. But at what point would you stop bending backwards and start changing your environment?

Virgo (August 22 – September 22)
Now that some time has passed since the last significant injury of your life, it’s time to start evaluating. What have you learned about yourself in the process? In addition, what have you learned about others? All that pain will not be in vain.

Cotton (22 September – 23 October)
Be careful not to let your negative self-talk turn into an exaggerated philosophy. If you are constantly looking for the bad in everything and everyone, you are going to find it. What happens when you start looking positive?

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)
Don’t get what you want because it’s not available? Or is your arrogance preventing you from going there? Door knobs have your hands. In fact, it is waiting for you to open it. What is stopping you from entering?

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)
It can be difficult to evaluate what you are saying when you are busy speaking in your inner voice. Are you talking because you have something to say? Or do you just want to hear the sound of your own voice?

Capricorn (December 21 – January 20)
Just because you can’t work on your dreams right now doesn’t mean you should give them up. Go ahead and imagine your best-case scenario. Find out the reality of your dream – it will give you a plan when you are ready to move forward.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)
If you wish, you can close your to-do list. However, if you think that these works are disappearing by themselves then you are fooling yourself. In fact, the only way out is to overcome these challenges one by one.

Pisces (February 18 – March 20)
It takes a lot of effort to break the cycle of generation, Pisces. Don’t kill yourself because it takes you a while to do it. In the end, the most important part is that you try. Some people won’t even do that much.

Read our weekly horoscope to dive deeper into the heavenly predictions of your zodiac sign.

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A woman’s account in a ‘divorce fund’ opens up a complex controversy

A woman’s account in a ‘divorce fund’ opens up a complex controversy

Financial independence is a fundamental aspect of women’s security. It is the ability to sustain oneself financially, to have access to money whenever and wherever, or to have cash in hand in an emergency, a woman’s financial situation is the best. Nevertheless, the question of how a woman should throw her financial security net remains controversial for some.

After her wedding started showing red flags, a woman’s worries prompted her to start planning a divorce fundraiser on a rainy day. While some find his “get-out fund” problematic, others see it as a necessary precaution.

Divorce funding is one thing

A woman, whom we will call Amy, has been married to her husband, whom we will call Kurt, for eight years. He explains that they maintain a fair but separate money, contributing equally to both the bill and a joint savings account. The couple, however, have separate checking accounts. According to Amy, after spending, it’s up to them how they want to spend the rest of their funds.

Amy explains that she and Kurt make about the same amount of money. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Amy has created a separate personal savings account with her extra funds to act as a “separation fund” in the event of a breakup.

According to Amy, she opened the account because of some red flags. “I’m not sure about my marriage and I feel safe having the ability to leave if things get worse,” she says. “My mother was in an abusive relationship when I was growing up and I never wanted to be in a situation where I was trapped,” he said, adding that such funding could provide protection.

Despite Kurt’s abusive behavior towards Amy, he noted that they had not had sex with each other in five years. Although he mentions that they are in therapy, the lack of intimacy has caused tension.

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“I don’t feel like I’m in a relationship anymore and I’m not sure how to fix it when he refuses to open up to me,” she shares. Amy says she makes time for the situation but feels better about making a plan if the situation worsens.

His desire to outline an exit strategy did not sit well with his best friend. After her confession, they said she was unfaithful to her marriage.

According to them, by having secret divorce funds, Amy is “one foot out the door”. Instead of waiting, they advised him to leave now because it would be better to do so.

Does money really matter?

Marital success is not automatic. Accepting your situation can have serious consequences. As ‘Amy’ mentioned, she did not want to fall into the trap like her mother, faced with a situation when many women became financially dependent on their spouse.

Is having a divorce fund the equivalent of keeping one foot out the door? While some may think so, others do not find it more complicated than a standard insurance policy. Taking responsibility for your ‘financial’ security is never a bad idea. Or is it?

Money in a relationship is always a tricky thing, and often time is not evenly divided in the middle. If one partner contributes too much to a bill or a joint savings account and the other sets aside extra money to fund the divorce, it can be considered fraudulent on both levels.

It is inevitable that anyone who specializes in keeping secrets, the fund will eventually come out when the ‘divorce’ activities begin. As part of the divorce, all property acquired during the marriage is divided. This raises the question, is the meaning of the divorce fund really important?

What will happen to those funds if you end up divorced?

In the end, only you can decide if opening a divorce fund is worthwhile. In spite of that, it is not without its shortcomings. Cash is usually divided as marital property unless proven to be separate property, such as a gift.

ক্ষেত্রেIn Amy’s case, most commentators agreed that she had the right to set aside funds because it was initially hers and they agreed to maintain separate accounts. They informed him of the fate of his rainy day fund. One commenter said, “In the case of divorce, I highly doubt she will get half of it anyway.”

If you decide that a secret divorce fund will help you sleep through the night, you may want to take some of the above tips. Make sure you are familiar with the specific laws of your state regarding the rights of your spouse in the fund. Account for the amount you don’t need at the time and save even more. Or

In addition, it may be helpful to reflect on why you need funds in the first place. And, whether you need to pay more attention to your relationship with your wife.

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Suspicious rumors claim Jennifer Aniston has abandoned the longtime celebrity

Suspicious rumors claim Jennifer Aniston has abandoned the longtime celebrity

Did Jennifer Aniston And Chelsea Handler Have a fall out? A tabloid claims that famous friends no longer talk to each other. Here is what we know about their alleged conflict.

Jennifer Aniston ‘spoke hard’ with ex-husband?

Per National Investigator, Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler split. Although the sources may not necessarily pinpoint what happened between the former bestsellers, they are sure Aniston and Handler no longer communicate. A rat dish – “There was no big fight or an explosive event.” “No one knows what happened between the two of them, but once Jane allows you to enter her inner circle, you’re there for life – unless something happens. Apparently, Chelsea said something Jane didn’t like!

Chelsea handler dissatisfied Jennifer Aniston?

So, aren’t Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston talking anymore? Well, the truth is we don’t really know. But, really, there’s nothing weird about it. Handler and Aniston are adult women who lead very busy lives. We don’t know every little detail of their personal lives, and we shouldn’t expect that. But just because they haven’t been seen together doesn’t mean there’s any drama.

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Surprisingly, this is the first time a tabloid has pushed such a story. In fact, magazines have been speculating about Handler and Aniston’s friendship for years now. Whenever they go somewhat without public connection, the tabloids start sounding “conflict” alarms. And then, when they see each other again, the tabloids shake together a story about how they corrected.

And in 2019, Handler said in an interview that, despite the rumors, he and Aniston were still tough. “We! We! Don’t read those magazines! Don’t believe anything!” Handler insisted. “We are friends. Don’t worry … I love Jane. “

Although they haven’t posted any joint appearances or social media together in a while, we have no reason to believe they are still not friends. But, it is also entirely possible that they have been separated for years — their friendship will not be the only isolated COVID-19 epidemic. But we are not buying this story about their alleged fall.

The Tabloid on Jennifer Aniston

Of course, we know better than to believe National Investigator Anywhere Aniston worries. Last year, the outlet report Cake The star was avoiding “disrespectful” Jimmy Kimmel. The magazine then claims that Aniston expects to earn $ 10 million in his estimated upcoming memoir. And then the publication complained that Aniston was rejected by two of his exes last year. Apparently, the Investigator We want to go to the last place to update Aniston’s social life.

Rumor has it that Tiger Woods presumably told friends he could no longer play golf

Rumor has it that Tiger Woods presumably told friends he could no longer play golf

There is Tiger Woods‘Is the dream of returning to golf shattered? A tabloid claims that the athlete’s recent car accident has left him unable to compete in the sport that made him famous. Here’s what we know.

‘Game over’ for Tiger Woods?

This week’s edition National Investigator Reportedly Tiger Woods is personally telling his inner circle that his career is over. The pro-golfer was seriously injured in his car accident in February 2021 and sources say he has not yet fully recovered. “She is in constant pain,” one insider admitted. “He doesn’t think he can walk the golf course anymore. Tiger is suffering and suffering from a crisis of confidence. He doesn’t want to embarrass himself again. “

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The outlet certainly refers to Woods’ recent performance in the PGA Championship – which he withdrew after tying for last place in the third round. The magazine consulted with a physician who had not treated Woods for his expert opinion on the athlete’s recovery. “It’s incredibly unlikely that he could return to top-level golf competition,” the doctor noted. “Both bones of his lower leg were broken in the accident, forcing him to insert a rod. Her damaged joints will probably never heal. “

Tiger Woods ‘calls it a career’?

This painful report is completely false. Tiger Woods may not be playing as well as he used to, but he is far from throwing a towel. In his announcement about sitting out of the US Open, he said he was still planning to play in the Open Championship in St. Andrews, Ireland, next month.

Either the magazine didn’t get this bit of information in its random research effort, or, worse, decided to omit it altogether to confuse readers.

But it’s worth noting how serious Woods’ injuries were. Woods was reportedly a candidate for amputation of his injured right leg after the accident. Sports analysts say that it is a miracle that he can walk only if he competes professionally.

Fans were particularly surprised after a picture of Woods without a sleeve spread. As the picture shows, the injury and subsequent operation permanently changed the shape of his right leg.

So, we are particularly sure that the “interior” of this tabloid was not at all close to Woods. True friends will celebrate Woods’ perseverance, not questioning the future of his career.

Tabloid on Tiger Woods

The National InvestigatorWoods’ past reporting is absolutely reprehensible. Shortly after the fatal car crash near him, the magazine reported that Woods had suffered brain damage and was in danger of losing his luck. The magazine then claims that Woods was stingy and would probably never golf again. And most surprisingly, the publication complained that Woods was on a “slippery slope” for re-infection after his injury. We know better than to believe anything Investigator Said about pro golfer.

Prince Harry’s biographer has blasted Prince William for allegedly leaking information

Prince Harry’s biographer has blasted Prince William for allegedly leaking information

When it comes to the relationship Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel And the rest of the royal family, it seems, is one step ahead, two steps back. Royal biographer Omid Scooby Recently slammed Prince William The brothers are still leaking about the rocky relationship.

Scooby criticizes William’s recent profile for focusing on Harry

William’s 40th birthday meant more celebration for the royal family, and part of the celebration was a Daily message Profile of the heir to the throne. “Spread over several pages, it promises to reveal the true story of a king, thanks to the generous contributions of those close to William,” Scooby wrote in an op-ed about the situation.

“Sharing intimate details about a royalist like William, or speaking out on his behalf, usually only happens with explicit permission,” he explained. “My experience with the Duke of Cambridge is that the tight circle of his friends will only speak after consent from the man. In the past, those who have not received such approval have found themselves in deep trouble.”

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While Scooby said he expected quotes about William’s plans and his ongoing eco-friendly projects when he takes over the throne, the article was actually about his relationship with Harry.

“Instead of hearing more about the Duke’s ambitious environmental plans, we were told in detail by close sources that William thinks that Prince Harry has ‘gone over 100 percent’ by talking openly about his struggles within the family,” Scooby continued. “Instead of sharing how William is preparing for his role as Prince of Wales and taking over the Duchy of Cornwall, we have heard from William’s closest and dearest how his brother was ‘sucked into an alien world’. [in California]… And here is everything [William] You can do it. ‘

William’s ‘hypocritical’ anger with Harry over sharing personal details

Although Scooby acknowledges that tensions remain between William and Harry, he does not seem to be “allergic to the drama” because his friends still quote him about how angry he is with his younger brother.

“From a public relations standpoint, Prince William’s birthday milestone was the perfect opportunity to draw a picture of a person focused on preparing for a big job,” Scooby explained. “Last but not least, he’s got the job done ৷ but instead, readers are presented with the hypocritical story of how horrible it is for Harry to talk publicly about his experience থেকে from William to Britain’s most read tabloid.”

Whether you side with Harry or William in the royal conflict, Scooby is undoubtedly right. By allowing stories of his frustration and anger with Harry to unfold, many feel it makes William look small and unable to compromise. The closer he gets to the throne, the more many wonder why the prince is still the title of the family drama.

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Network gossip says Anderson Cooper apparently is out on CNN chief

Network gossip says Anderson Cooper apparently is out on CNN chief

Is Anderson Cooper Heading for CNN’s new CEO? A tabloid claims that the new head is dropping feathers on the Honcho network. See how experienced journalists like Cooper are coping with the shock.

Anderson Cooper getting ‘Taste of Talk’ from CEO?

This week, National Investigator The report states that Anderson Cooper is not meeting with new CNN CEO Chris Licht. According to the article, both Cooper and Don Lemon are fighting to agree to their new leadership. “Unlike Chris Jeff Zucker, he was replaced by CNN. Jeff always texted Anderson and Lemon, ”recalls an insider. “Chris doesn’t want to be friends with them. He wants to be their boss এবং and they’re accustomed to behaving like stars, not staff!

Isn’t Cooper being treated like an angry ‘star’?

This report is absolutely ridiculous. Should we believe that Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are complaining to someone who hears that CNN’s new CEO doesn’t text them enough? Because it’s too big a leap to take us. All we can say is that there has been a welcome change for the Licht network. And we have no reason to believe that he is not meeting talent.

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Besides, CNN is not a college freight. It’s a network full of professionals, and we seriously suspect that there is enough excitement about Licht’s arrival to confirm this report. In fact, it is noteworthy that Licht has some history with Anderson Cooper. Licht’s wife, Jenny Blanco, has been Cooper’s supervising producer for several years. Thus, it is possible that Cooper and Leach already have a good relationship.

And according to a network internal who spoke Vanity Fair, Licht was a real breath of fresh air. “He is the best of the names that have been floated,” the source said. “Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief and seeing him as a skilled producer who cares deeply about programming. There was a real concern that Discovery would hire an executive who doesn’t understand programming and will end up with an empty case.” That’s not Chris. “

More CNN dramas from tabloids

Of course, r National Investigator Proved in the past that it is not able to peek behind the scenes on CNN. Earlier this year, the magazine claimed that Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon were in the cut block. The outlet then reported that CNN tried to replace Chris Cuomo with a prominent CBS anchor. The publication further alleges that Licht is trying to victimize MSNBC’s two biggest stars. And more recently, the tabloid has insisted that Brian Stelter risks jeopardizing his job. Apparently, the Investigator There are really no rats at CNN headquarters.

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Ridiculous because Conan O’Brien spent a night in jail at the college

Ridiculous because Conan O’Brien spent a night in jail at the college

Conan O’Brien A favorite public figure and an American institution. The talk show host turned podcast to teach at the famous Harvard University. Did you know that he spent a night in prison once during his college years? There are funny stories here.

Conan O’Brien: Harvard gentleman

Pride of Brooklyn, Massachusetts, O’Brien graduated from his high school class as a valedictorian and enrolled in a 1985 class at Harvard University. He graduated with a major in history and literature and a Magna cum Lodge. His thesis on William Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor was only part of his work pressure; He is the light of the moon as a writer Harvard Lampoon. He has cut his comedy chops with future co-creator Greg Daniels Office.

Naturally, O’Brien was engaged in all sorts of tomphuleries while studying at Cambridge. He once pranked Bill Cosby on discovering the Lifetime Achievement Award and told him that he would have to meet in person to get it. Cosby did, where O’Brien picked him up not in a stretch limousine but in his parents’ station wagon. Instead of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Cosby received an old bowling trophy.

Going after his future boss

One of O’Brien’s jokes was that he was the editor of a prestigious newspaper. Harvard Crimson. When O’Brien was present, Jeff Zucker was the editor. The name may sound familiar because he was the president of NBC who chose Jay Leno over O’Brien in the late-night battle of 2010.

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In college, O’Brien once broke into the Harvard Crimson office and stole all the paperwork. Zucker called the police on him. “College pranks are supposed to be clever, but our feud with Crimson escalated to steal something between us. Jeff called the police and the police forced us to bring it back,” O’Brien later said. New Yorker.

Police pranking

It’s one thing to mess with rival paper, but quite another kettle of fish to mess with state police. A 2004 issue Harvard Magazine Details is a fascinating joke that may or may not have happened. Legend has it that O’Brien and his Lamps Friends got some jackhammers and hard hats and hit the streets of Boston. They tore up the sidewalk for a while before O’Brien called the police. He told Boston police that college students disguised as construction workers and tore through the streets.

Here the prank goes from unnecessary to clever. O’Brien then called Massachusetts State Police and told them that some college students were wearing police uniforms and harassing local police officers. Soon, Boston police arrived, followed by the States. Police arrested him. When the confusion subsided, O’Brien was sent to prison for one night.

It could just be a legendary story. O’Brien declined to comment on “counseling advice.” No wonder such a clever joke is in the repertoire of a comedy legend. O’Brien is currently working on a new show for HBO Max.

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