Barack Obama is accused of being mad at Michelle’s new celebrity crush, Anonymous

Is Barack Obama Worried that Michelle Have eyes for other people? A tabloid claims that the former president is angry with his wife’s behavior. Let’s check Obama’s.

Barack and Michelle Obama in ‘crisis’?

This week, Globe Michelle Obama is reportedly “over-heeled” and “not happy” for race car driver Lewis Hamilton. The former First Lady recently attended a practice session in Hamilton, Miami, and was photographed hugging the driver tightly.

May 30, 2022 Cover, Michelle Falls for Race Car Driver on the Globe Issue, 37!  Turn on

“Michelle held Lewis with a real emotional intensity and obviously didn’t want to let him go,” an inside source said. “It was kind of scary, obviously she was attracted to him. But she was equally happy. They heard they were planning to meet again later.”

However, sources said that Barak was not happy to see his wife at ease with Hamilton. Apparently, Obama’s wedding has been on thin ice for some time now and this flirtation is certainly not helping. “This guy is a real player and it’s kind of amazing to see Michelle under his spell,” Tipster recalls. “It’s really testing Barak’s patience, but he doesn’t seem to care!”

Is Michelle Obama ‘falling’ for someone else?

This report is absolutely ridiculous. No, Michelle Obama doesn’t fall in love with Lewis Hamilton — and the only evidence of this wild allegation to the tabloids is a picture of Michelle hugging the racecar driver. But as an activist, politician, philanthropist and celebrity, part of Michelle’s daily life greets people sincerely. There are thousands of pictures of the former First Lady embracing people year after year. In fact, Michelle Obama is an embrace that she famously violated royal protocol by embracing Queen Elizabeth in 2009.

So, while we are sure that the display of affection was genuine, it does not speak well of any deep feelings. And we’re pretty sure Barak isn’t reading the photos. In fact, Barack posted a picture of Michelle celebrating Mother’s Day the following weekend. In the picture, everyone with the family looked good, so we seriously suspect that they are secretly in “crisis.”

More gossip about the Obama family

This is not the first time we’ve caught on Globe Spread tempting gossip about the Obama family. Last year, the magazine claimed that Barack was preparing Michelle to run against Joe Biden in the 2024 election. The tabloids then reported that Michelle was intentionally harassing her girlfriends boyfriends. And most recently, the outlet complained that Michelle was “at the end of her rope” in her marriage to Barak. Apparently, the Globe It is for the Obama family and they cannot be trusted to report accurately.

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