Barbara Streisand is reportedly fighting James Brolin, presumably in the 80’s.

Tensions are rising Barbara Streisand And her husband James Brolin? According to the latest gossip, Brolin is getting impatient with his wife. Let’s take a look at the couple’s 24 year long marriage.

Annoyed by James Brolin’s Barbara Streisand’s Hermitage trend?

Last year All right! Reports that Barbara Streisand was having difficulty re-entering Earth after the epidemic lockdown was lifted, and James Brolin began to feel frustrated. “Now that the LA has reopened, James is doing makeup for lost time,” an insider admitted. “She’s watching friends nonstop and doing funny things, but Barbara rarely joins her. It’s frustrating.”

But as soon as we started pulling on the thread, this whole story unraveled. We found a recent interview with Brolin where he expressed concern about how much he enjoyed being at home with Streisand during the lockdown. “We’ve literally fallen in love during this time, stuck together every day and it’s been working,” the actor said. “He picked me up and did things I normally can’t do. It’s like a perfect situation, both of us. ” So, it is clear that the tabloid did not research the couple before sharing this tempting gossip.

Barbara Streisand going too far with the dog?

Then Globe Streisand has published a bizarre story claiming to be clone-crazy. The Broadway icon famously cloned his beloved late dog Samantha twice and sources complained that he wanted to continue the tradition. As her puppies Violet and Scarlett grow older, the magazine claims Streisand is getting itchy for others. “He knows they won’t last forever … He wants to continue the cloning process to keep Samantha’s line running, but James thinks they have enough dogs,” a source whispered.

We acknowledge that when Streisand first cloned his dog, it looked like something outside of the tabloids. So, we really communicate this story with an open mind. But as soon as we start digging, we learn that Streisand is not trying to bring any more puppies home soon.

When Streisand cloned Samantha, it actually turned into four liters. Runt sadly passed, leaving three. But Streisand, who already had two more dogs at home, took two of them and gave the other to a family friend of his own. At the time, he wrote, “Five dogs was too much for me to handle.” So, no, we can’t believe she and her husband are fighting over their love of cloning pets.

Streisand’s 80th birthday is full of fights?

And most recently, Women’s Day Barbara Streisand reports that she has played a bitter tune at number 80 since her fight with Brolin. According to the tabloids, Streisand was offered a $ 300 million residency in Las Vegas, but he just couldn’t make up his mind, and Brolin wasn’t happy about it. “It’s not about the money, they have a lot, even though he gets a kick out of making the record, with the records coming out of Vegas,” an insider spread. “But for James, it’s about Barbara’s legacy and her lifelong fans … The Vegas deal has put more pressure on her marriage.”

But as far as we can tell, this Vegas offer did not exist. Moreover, Streisand has been reluctant to perform in recent years. “I don’t enjoy it,” Streisand recently admitted. “I just don’t want to disappoint people.” So, knowing all this, we seriously doubted that Streisand had any desire to sign a potential month-long residency where he could perform almost every night. Not to mention, we didn’t see Brolin having any problem with Streisand’s decision because everything we knew about the couple suggested they were doing well.

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