Barbara Streisand reportedly ended the friendship with comments about Jane Fonder

Old friends Jane Fonda And Barbara Streisand Out on? A report says Fonda is angry with Streisand over some recent comments. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Jane Fonda is not Stressand’s Barbs’

Per Globe, Streisand and Fonda are no longer friends. Streisand presumably tells everyone who will listen that he is responsible for the fundraiser’s career. “Jane’s nerves tremble when she hears Barbara talk about how she made Jane’s career,” says one source. Clothes, They shoot horses, don’t they?And Julia“The denials paved the way for the fund to take on those roles and gain acclaim.”

Fonda clearly thinks Streisand should only think about his own business. In 2020, he denounced Streisand for his barb in an interview with Andy Cohen: “You have to be sorry for him. It’s been a difficult life. He needs something to encourage him.” Another source of conflict stems from the Funder’s inability to stay married.

An insider says Streisand “feels sorry for Jane because she feels so lonely that she can’t get a man.” Fonda has said that Streisand is bitter because of Fonda’s beautiful appearance. One source concludes, “When they were younger, Jane was sexy and Barbara’s ugly duck was insecure.”

What’s up with Fonda and Streisand?

There is nothing new about this story. Neither Jane Fonda nor Barbara Streisand said a word about each other year after year. It’s important to note that Streisand’s comments come from 2016 New York Times Interview The Globe Critically removes some very important words: “Ms. “I made a Jane Funder career,” Streisand said in a deadpan. “It was a joke.

When Jane Fonda responded to Andy Cohen, she also got a small smile as she joked about Streisand’s lack of success. It’s just two legends doing mild jokes, nothing as serious as this rage that you can believe. Troy spends the rest of his time attacking Fonda for his divorce and calling Streisand ugly, which is all you need to know about the honesty of this tabloid.

Toxic Barbara Streisand Tales

This is hardly the first time Globe Streisand ordered the attack. It was once reported that he was obsessed with Eminem. This was reported by a person from Streisand camp Gossip Cop That story was “Total BS”. It has also repeatedly attacked her marriage to James Brolin, with Streisand Streisand going so far as to say that she loves her dog more than her husband. Brolin and Streisand are still happily married, so this outlet clearly has no insight to speak of.

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