‘Becoming Elizabeth’ How Queen Elizabeth II is related to Elizabeth

Its premiere Becoming Elizabeth Starz coming soon. The prestige series will list the rise and growing pains of a queen named Elizabeth. No. Queen Elizabeth II You think, but Queen Elizabeth I. It may seem obvious to learn about the two, but it is actually quite complicated.

The way Elizabeth became queen

Elizabeth I should never have been queen. Born the second daughter of King Henry VIII, she stood behind both her younger brother Edward VI and her older sister Mary. Prince Louis would be a modern portrait if he were king: climbing to the third row is cosmically impossible.

Yet he climbed what. King Edward VI died at the age of 15 after a mysterious illness. Historians argue whether it was tuberculosis or poisoning. He left the kingdom to Lady Jane Gray, but the Catholic Queen Mary saw that he would never ascend the throne.

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Mary died of cancer in 1558, after years of bitter struggle in Parliament for the removal of the Church of England. Elizabeth I ascended the throne and spent 45 years on the throne, dying without any direct successor of her own.

Tudor to Windsor

Here the family tree is complex. Since Elizabeth had no direct successor to me, state control passed to Stuart’s home. Elizabeth I’s paternal sister gave birth to Queen Mary of Scotland, Queen Margaret Scots. Mary’s son, James I, also had a daughter named Elizabeth. His daughter, Sophia, did not live to see the throne but had a son: King George I.

From that point on, the family tree is somewhat clear. George I ruled the House of Hanover, and his descendants ruled directly through Queen Victoria. From there, the House of Sax-Coburg and Gotha finally made their way to Windsor’s home when Elizabeth II’s grandfather, George V, became king in 1936.

To review: Queen Elizabeth II is the granddaughter of Margaret, the sister of King Henry VIII, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great, the Great. That’s 13 great. The first is Elizabeth Margaret’s cousin, the second is a direct descendant of Elizabeth. The two share a small amount of blood, but the answer is yes: the first Elizabeth is related to the second Elizabeth. Becoming Elizabeth The teenager will explore the life of Elizabeth I and will launch on June 12 on Starz.

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