Ben Affleck is reportedly dissatisfied with Jennifer Lopez’s ‘extreme’ behavior

Is Fool And Jennifer Lopez War? According to a report, Lopez Affleck was exhausted by the escape of their prey. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Ben annoyed by house hunting’

According to Lifestyle, Affleck can’t take another minute to hunt home. The two are reportedly looking for a new home, and The girl is gone The star is apparently sick of it. One source says Affleck “is finding J. Lowe’s perfectionism a little too extreme.” Despite looking at the 50 million palaces, a source said Lopez “never fell in love with any of them.”

An insider said Affleck “rolled his eyes” and said “no one else” during the search. He presumably wants Lopez to make up his mind in a hurry. The source concludes, “She is very upset and there are better things with her time.”

What’s going on with Ben Affleck?

The length of this house search proves that Ben Affleck has been in it for a long time. She and Lopez have been shopping faithfully for at least a month now. When you have money like theirs, you can choose. Some pictures of this trip do not prove that Affleck is upset with his fiance.

There is not much to say about the new photos of Lopez and Affleck House shopping. Hunting for real estate is stressful in the best of circumstances, and you need to be cheerful when traveling. In addition, there is no evidence that Lopez is the only reason they have not yet bought a home. The story revolves around stereotypes around older men and women. As we all know, Affleck can be the only reason for hold up.

The feeling of being burned from a house search is very humane, so there’s really nothing in this story. Affleck and Lopez are still shopping, so there are no signs that Affleck is finishing things or being particularly cautious as this outlet claims. Since the whole story relies solely on the evidence of the so-called source, it is impossible to believe.

Ben Affleck busts

In 2020, the outlet claimed that Affleck was starving himself to impress Anna de Armas. He did nothing like that. Earlier, it tried to create a drama between Affleck and De Armas and Jennifer Garner. Garner and De Armas have very little in common with each other, so it was just silly.

In a truly fictional story, Lifestyle Announced George Clooney trying to bring Affleck and Jennifer Aniston together. Affleck was busy reuniting with Lopez at the time, so it was fake as soon as it hit store shelves. Obviously, this is not a legitimate source for accurate Affleck news.

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