Betty White’s Go-to Sandwich Recipe Published: Peanut Butter and Bologna

The world mourns the death of the iconic actress Betty White Towards the end of 2021, but fans can still feel connected to her through her social media account. Many people scratch their heads in a recent post about one of the actress’s favorite foods.

White’s favorite sandwich fan response

“‘Treat yourself to Tuesday’ is back !!!” Read captions. “Betty is treating me here for her mother’s specialty – a peanut butter and bologna sandwich with lettuce on toasted white bread. Betty loved making these. They bring back happy childhood memories. Don’t knock it until you try it. “

The photo shows White whipping one of the famous peanut butter and Bologna sandwiches in his private kitchen. White fans love the picture – even if they’re not too crazy about food.

“Sounds awful, can’t wait to try it,” one man laughed. Another wrote, “Now something I never tried even though I like PB and I like Bologna sandwiches by myself! If Betty likes it, I’ll definitely try it! “

Others point to White’s Loki Kitchen, which is very different from other celebrity homes. One follower commented, “I love how humble she is.” “Her whole house is very modest, look at the kitchen, it looks like any ordinary kitchen, nothing fancy. I love him. “

While peanut butter and bologna sandwiches may be a little too much for some people, White has plenty of other favorite foods. The actress has previously spoken of her love for hot dogs, french fries, potato chips and red wine.

Who runs White’s social media account?

White died shortly before his 100th birthday, but his social media accounts remain active, thanks to Kierstein Michaels, White’s assistant. Mikellas announced that he would continue to follow White’s Instagram page last year.

In a statement posted on Instagram, Michaels wrote, “Betty’s estate has kindly given me the opportunity to move Betty’s social media accounts forward (no, I haven’t done this before).” “I am very grateful, and look forward to posting fun and meaningful memories.”

Over the past few months, Michaels has kept White’s Instagram page active, posting pictures of the actress’ various animals, some behind-the-scenes photos, and personal stories about White.

White’s peanut butter and Bologna sandwich recipe sounds a bit out there, but many fans are willing to give it a try — if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for the rest of us!

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