Bill Marr’s friends are terrified of the actor’s allegedly struggling liver

Is Bill Murray Falling? A report says her friends feared for her life after her behavior on the set To die Stop production. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Bill Murray is screwed!’

Per Globe, Murray is dealing with his reaction by drinking heavily. His behavior on the set is under investigation To die Film off, and now she looks bad for wear. A source said, “The man pounds spirits in the morning, noon and night as if it were fruit juice and it is a small miracle that he can do anything during the day. He is not a healthy person.”

Refusing to help, Murray reveals “he feels untouchable.” Although the comedian is a favorite of fans, one insider says he “doesn’t like Hollywood very much … he’s known as shocking, moody and sometimes even violent.” A lifetime expert thinks Murray’s drinking could lead to an early grave, the ominous warning, “Some people are surprised that his liver has not already failed.”

Two things are going

The Globe A special tabloid is drawn using real life events and twists in a new narrative Reports of sexual misconduct by Bill Murray were actually off To die Below he defends his actions, saying, “I did something I thought was funny and it wasn’t taken that way.” The incident also brings to light many old Murray stories, including those of Lucy Liu and Richard Dreyfus.

With all these stories in mind, it is fair to say that Marr has a bad reputation as a colleague. However, this tabloid tries to associate this behavior with alcoholism. It is a bridge without explanation and without proof. There is nothing in the story about To die Advises Murray was drunk. It’s also hard to believe that people like Wes Anderson would work with him for decades if he drank alcohol like “fruit juice”.

Bill Marr’s personal life is famously strange and private. He’s not exactly an open book, or he doesn’t stay on social media all night. Since he is a pretty personal person, it’s hard to believe that these sources actually have any valid insights. The source is said to be that alcohol can cause death … well yes, it can obviously.

Murray has done shady things on the set and alcohol can be dangerous. Although these two things are true, Globe Does not provide any serious evidence to link the two thoughts.

Why this sounds familiar

You shouldn’t believe this report either because this tabloid constantly reveals irrational stories about alcohol. These stories are problematic because they ridicule the terrible reality of addiction. In 2020, it was reported that Brad Pitt was urging Jennifer Aniston to quit drinking.

A year later, and Queen Elizabeth was sending Prince Charles to rehab for his drinking. It targets Caitlin Jenner with a story of her becoming “food and wine”. It did the same with Gwyneth Paltrow. These stories have little rhyme or reason. This is a trap where names can be filled as needed.

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