Bizarre gossip says that Robert De Niro’s face is supposedly moving away from him

Is Robert Dinero Scares his girlfriend Tiffany Chen Away with her lonely look? A really weird story says that De Niro’s choice of footwear can cause a breakup. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘De Niro’s foul foot stops his tutsi’

Per National Investigator, De Niro’s legs are very annoying for Chen, and he is running away as fast as he can. “Bob’s toes are in a terrible state,” says one source, “so it’s no surprise that poor Tiffany tilts whenever she looks at them.” His feet just don’t look bad: the insiders call them “hellish cheesy and smelly”.

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Although Chen de Niro thinks too much, Snitch adds, he can’t stay with her because of how her legs look. A doctor who did not treat Raging bull The star says he may need surgery on his leg to treat his hammer. “If he doesn’t make some money and does his acting together, it could be the end of his best thing for many years to come,” the insider concluded.

Is Robert De Niro healthy?

Tiffany Chen and Robert De Niro have been together for almost a year. The two were spotted in France near her 78th birthday and were recently photographed in Greece. More than enough time for Chen to study De Niro’s body, toes and everything else and decide if he wants to be with her. Since he hasn’t left yet, it must be a complete non-issue.

Honestly, this story is rather annoying. It shows a photograph of De Niro’s feet as this tabloid could get his hands on it. He is a 78 year old man. What exactly do you expect? The doctor in this story never actually treated De Niro, so you should ignore their testimony as a direct guess.

These so-called sources should not be believed either For one thing, they are literally claiming what De Niro’s feet smell like. Moreover, they act as if they know what Chen is thinking. Only Chen himself could tell that he really “attacked.” Knowing thoughts and smells constitutes an impossible level of insight.

He’s downstairs when he kicks Robert De Niro

About a year ago, this very tabloid claimed that De Niro had broken up and become lonely because of his ongoing divorce from Grace Hightower. His relationship with Chen, which neither side has actually confirmed, is sufficient to deny the claim. It has announced that Hightower will write a tail-all to avenge De Niro, but it has not yet been released.

The Godfather 2 Starr was supposed to be working very hard to pay his allowance to Hightower. She seems to be quite happy and healthy at the moment, so Gossip Cop As well as that story debunked. De Niro may want to do a pedicure, but the condition of his feet will not determine the fate of his relationship with Chen.

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