Blake Shelton, Nguyen Stephanie are accused of fighting for ‘Total Nightmare’

Is Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Fighting in their home? A report says the two want something very different from their Oklahoma estate. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Wedding quarrel’ over decoration disaster

Per National Investigator, Shelton and Stefani can’t get on the same page about how to decorate their Oklahoma Palace. Apparently, Stephanie doesn’t like Shelton’s style. One source explained, “They’re arguing over every little thing, like bathroom tiles and kitchen cabinet handles, and it didn’t start out well for their wedding. Gwen just doesn’t like Blake’s style.”

Shelton began decorating the house in 2018, but insiders say Stephanie was never impressed. “Secretly, she cries and she has a really bad taste, and her Hawaiian-style monster is just one example.” Shelton is reportedly remorseful for her purchase because of Stephanie’s continued net-picking. Fighting in the palace is an ominous sign for marriage, the insider concludes, “there is really no resemblance between them … so it’s not a huge push that they are constantly arguing.”

What is the similarity between Blake and Nguyen?

Shelton and Stephanie are both extremely successful musicians and stars Voice. They had been dating for years before tying the knot so they had plenty of time to test each other’s styles. If this source had said that there was no real similarity between them, they could not have got married in the first place.

The Investigator Can’t provide any evidence to back up his Oklahoma War story. It’s the same old treat about the clash of styles that people have written over the years. The only proof of the proposition here is the testimony of some so-called source who publicly believes that there is no similarity between Blake Shelton and Nguyen Stephanie. Shelton was making bitter memes about his marriage to Stephanie just a few weeks ago, so they’re doing well.

Blake Shelton and Nguyen Stephanie Gossip

In March 2020, this very tabloid claimed that Blake Shelton and Nguyen Stephanie Shelton and Stephanie were living separately. Since they are married, this cannot be true. A year later, it was announced that Stephanie had been fighting with her husband since her marriage because Shelton was too fat. It was a hit piece hitting Shelton’s body.

Earlier this month, the outlet tried to run a wedge between Shelton and Stephanie with his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. Lambert and Shelton stopped living together a few years ago and Shelton has no plans to travel with her. The Investigator Missed the mark many times to count, so Gossip Cop There is no way out without breaking this story.

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