Brie Larson shows incredible strength and abs in pole dancing class

Brie Larson Famous for her onscreen strength as Captain Marvel, however, a recent Instagram post shows that the actress is just as tough in real life. Larson shared a photo of her new workout routine and fans loved seeing her skills.

Larson tries a new exercise method

“I’ve made an im-poll-save decision to try a new workout class,” Larson captioned a series of photos of himself hanging on a pole. Many have been fascinated by the talent of the actress; Larson is using only one of his arms and one of his legs to hang himself from the ground.

“Brie, you can’t do that,” one fan wondered. Another joked, “Hi, I’m single.” Others commented on his impressive strength. “Hopefully I had more energy on the surface of my body to do hahahaha,” someone wrote. Another commented, “You look shattered.”

Larson’s coach says he works ‘off his A **’

Larson often posts pictures and videos of her progress when she comes in tip-top form for her upcoming appearance. Marvels And Fast 10The latest installment Fast and furious Suffrage

Most recently, Larson shared some photos with his partner, Eliza Allan-Blitz, while they were getting ready for their night. Larson is swinging an ab-bearing crop and skirt combo with a gorgeous floral print, and she knows for sure how her angles work (although we’re not sure she has any bad ones).

So how does Larson fit in with the occasional pole-dancing class? She trained with Jason Walsh, a celebrity trainer who worked with stars such as Jennifer Anderson, Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Matt Damon and Jessica Biel. In an interview with Dr. Men’s health About bringing Larson back to form Captain Marvel“Brie worked with me five days a week for almost nine months,” Walsh said. She did her best to get the shape for this movie.

‘Captain Marvel’ is coming in shape for the sequel

Larson may be very strong now, but many may be surprised to learn that, before his preparation for his Marvel role, the actress was not a fan of Jim. “Before I played Carol Danvers, I affectionately called myself an ‘introvert with asthma’ and I started training out of sheer panic,” the actress joked.

As he prepares for the second movie Captain Marvel In the series, Larson said he sees a parallel between his fitness journey and the process of discovering his abilities in his character. “In the first picture he was developing that energy, and so I was developing my own personal energy with it,” Larson explained.

“She’s already got more control over her abilities. She can fly now,” he said. From workout videos to pictures of new exercise techniques, it’s clear that Larson is preparing her for her upcoming onscreen role!

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