British consumption brings us Beyonc!

First of all, I’m sure we’ve all heard the new Beyonce single so far but it’s good and it makes me want to dance. It really feels like summer to me. Second: this cover Also All-caps are good and so incredibly eye-catching. British consumption is blowing American consumption out of the water; Don’t you think that Anna Wintur wakes up at night and just stares at the ceiling and is disappointed for a short moment?

The profile was written by Edward Enninfull, EIC of Vogue, and it’s kind of surprising because Beyonc মূলত didn’t provide any quotes, as is her long-standing practice at the time. (And good for that – if you don’t talk to other people you can become a global superstar, Do it.) Describes the process of shooting the enninful cover (and the internal editorial, which you have to click to see; it’s pretty good) and the process of having dinner with Beyonc ((she served the ribs) and how good her new album is, and That’s all we get. Honestly, as much as I love Celeb Mess, there’s something comforting about a celebrity that doesn’t give you anything personal. I generally lack the knowledge of people.

Check out the full feature in the July issue of British Consumption via digital downloads and on newsstands starting Tuesday, June 21st.

[Photographer: Rafael Pavarotti]

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