Britney Spears grants restraining order against husband Jason Alexander

The singer’s ex-husband Jason Allen has received an emergency defense order against Alexander after Britney Spears and Sam Ashgary tried to break up the couple’s marriage on Thursday.

There is a sentence that we never thought we would have to write.

But after the artist was arrested on June 9 in the California estate, Alexander is now ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Brittany and Sam … just hours before his planned wedding.

Britney, husband

“Britney Spears invited me here,” Alexander complained in an Instagram live video on the day of his arrest.

“She is my first wife. My only wife. I am her first husband.

“I came here to ruin the marriage because no one was there [is] But here’s Sam. So where’s the FK family? “

The prohibition order mentioned above will remain in force for a minimum of seven days.

Jason Alexander Mug Shot

“Fortunately, Alexander has been arrested and is under urgent protection order,” Matthew Rosengart, a 40-year-old crossroads star attorney, said in a statement Saturday, June 11.

“I would like to thank Sergeant Cyrus Jadeh, Detective Ken Michelson and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office for their speedy and good work, and look forward to working with law enforcement to ensure that Alexander has been aggressively tried and hopefully convicted. Should. “

The lawyer concludes:

“It was a terrible security breach, which I’m angry about, but fortunately Brittany is safe, and she was a wonderful and happy bride.”

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari: A picture

Indeed, the event was gratefully scheduled, with famous guests such as Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton in attendance.

According to sources, Spears wore a Versace gown for the occasion and Elvis Presley’s “can’t help falling in love.”

Superstar Stephanie Gottlieb completes her bridal look with jewelry and Charlotte Tilbury makeup.

Brittany and Sam in Hawaii

Meanwhile, Alexander was arrested by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department on three counts of misdemeanors: intrusion and refusal to leave property, batteries and vandalism.

His bail is set at $ 22,500.

The police report further indicated that Alexander – who had been married to Spears for 55 hours in 2004 – had made a “continuous intrusion” on his property.

Scary thing

Brittany and fiance

Brittany, for her part, shared several photos of her big day on Instagram yesterday.

She later included a long message confirming how happy she was to be married to Sam Ashgari.

“Wow !!! Holy shit !!! We did it !!! We got married,” he wrote.

“I was very nervous all morning but then at 2:00 pm it really hit me … we’re getting married !!!”

Brit wedding photos

The newlyweds added:

I had a panic attack and then we got it together. The crew who literally built our house into a dream castle were great !!! The event was a dream and the party was even better !!!

We are very happy for Spears and Ashgary.

Happy life here!

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