Britney Spears is marrying Sam Asgari today !!

It has been more than a month since Sam Asgari and Britney Spears announced their wedding date.

They’ve been waiting a long time for this, but haven’t shared the details – they’re only going public after the truth.

Now, the day has come.

Brittany and Sam are getting married on Thursday, June 9th … and their excitement is overflowing on social media.

Britney Spears holds champagne in a Rolls-Royce with Sam Asgary

On Wednesday, Britney shared a video of herself on her Instagram story.

The two were riding in a Rolls-Royce while sipping champagne, which must have been unusual and festive for their followers.

Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed Britney’s wedding manicured nails. But obviously, these were just hints.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari are engaged

TMZ Now it is reported that the event will be on Thursday.

Very exclusive guest list short, all things considered, limited to about 100 people.

Brittany’s brother Brian is welcome to attend, but his mother, father and sister are said to be absent.

Sam Asgari gives Britney Spears a birthday kiss

It was obviously eleven hours later who would symbolically “give” Britney to the altar.

If you read this on Thursday morning, it’s entirely possible that Brittany and Sam don’t know themselves yet.

The final details are still being dressed – more general than you might think.

Britney and Sam on the trail

Brittany and Sam have been together since 2016.

For years, they wanted to get married, but were unable to do so under his protection.

When Sam proposed in September last year, it was in anticipation of Brittany’s independence.

Sam Asgari

In fact, even after Sam proposed, they couldn’t even plan a real wedding – until conservatism disappeared.

If they had tried to move forward before Brittany regained her rights, Jamie Prenup would have controlled the negotiations.

Such decisions are for Brittany, Sam and their respective lawyers.

Britney on Sam's birthday

As for the wedding plans, we don’t know what Britney will wear for her wedding.

Of course, in March, Brittany received a personal visit from Donatella Versace.

Maybe it’s a friendly hello … or it might be a strong indication of her design.

Britney Spears kisses Sam

It is interesting to hear that Brian, who was not a public ally in Brittany’s fight for independence, has been invited.

Last year, when Brittany’s father was fired from the archives (but before it became extinct), Brian avoided questioning it.

He did, however, publicly congratulate Brittany on her engagement to Sam.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari in August 2021

What makes the difference is that Brittany’s parents were in a position of power over her, a power they obviously abused to her detriment.

Sister Jamie-Lynn has spent her entire “career” capitalizing on Brittany’s reputation, occasionally owning Brittany’s property, performing her songs, and more.

With parents and a sister like that, even comparing Brian’s less-favorable position should look straightforwardly friendly.

Sam Asgary: Married Britney Spears?

We do it luckily No. Know where the wedding will take place, and not after the reality.

The last thing we want is for a ruthless attack on photographers who have jumped on Britney’s marriage since she was a teenager.

Everyone likes occasional photos of their favorite celebrities, but shaking is bad, and Brittany and Sam deserve to enjoy their special day.

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