Broadway star Patty Lupon yells at the audience members

Pati Lupon Famous for his voice, whether it’s singing on stage or calling out rude theatergoers. The Broadway star recently called two members of the audience who did not wear their masks properly.

Lupon tells the audience to ‘get the f– out’

Lupon was participating in a Q&A with him Institution The co-stars when he saw two people in the audience who did not wear their masks properly. In a video taken from the incident, Lupon calls them from the stage and says, “Put a mask over your nose. That’s why you’re in the theater. “

“That’s the rule,” the theater star continued. “If you don’t want to follow the rules, f-out. I’m serious. Who do you think you are if you don’t respect the people around you?

While many will do what favorite Lupon told them to do, especially after public embarrassment, audience members disagreed with the Broadway star’s comments. “I’m paying you,” shouted one man.

“Do you pay me? Bull-. Chris Harper [the show’s producer] Pay me, ”Lupine fired back. He did not address his grievances publicly, but this is not the first time Lupon has called on members of the audience.

His history of shouting at the crowd

In 2009, Lupone starred Nomad On Broadway when he saw an audience member taking pictures on their phone, which is strictly forbidden. “Stop taking pictures now,” he shouted. “You heard the announcement, who do you think?”

In 2015, the Broadway star was present Show for the day, With a set that involves spectator members sitting on the stage. One person thought it would be a good idea to text during production, and Lupon quickly took care of the situation with his phone and left to continue the show.

That same year, Lupon was doing a solo show in an intimate place when no one in the crowd would stop talking. “What is it, honey?” Are you drunk Are you menopausal? “Lupine finally sighed. When he found out it was a woman’s birthday, Lupon led the audience singing” Happy Birthday, “then said,” Shut up now. “

Although some have criticized Lupon for shouting at his audience over the years, most feel that the Broadway star is generally justified for his anger at rude audience members and for Lupon’s legendary short-tempered love story.

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