Candy Montgomery has changed her name since the murder trial

Jessica Biel’s new limited series in Hulu, Candy, Has shed new light on the brutal massacre of 1980 Betty Gore, Which was arranged by his neighbor and friend, Candy Montgomery. Montgomery was infamously acquitted of the crime, with his legal team citing “self-defense” as the purpose of the 41 ax wounds found in Betty’s body. So, how has Montgomery been doing since the trial?

The Murder of Betty Gore

On June 13, 1980, a concerned Alan Gore called on some neighbors to look for his wife Betty. Alan was on a business trip and was unable to reach Betty for several hours. The door to Gore’s residence in Wiley, Texas, was open, and when neighbors entered, they found the couple’s baby, Bethany, sleeping on her ribs.

As they walk through the house, they stumble upon Betty’s mutilated body in a utility room. Initially believing that Betty had committed suicide, neighbors called police, who in the investigation discovered 41 wounds consistent with injuries to her body with a large ax.

Involvement and arrest of Candy Montgomery

It didn’t take long for investigators to suspect that Candy had something to do with Montgomery’s daughter’s murder. It was discovered that Montgomery had been in an extramarital affair with Betty’s husband, Alan, for several months. Both Alan and Montgomery were reportedly upset and unhappy with their respective marriages and planned the matter to the last detail, taking a rather business-like approach. Eventually, Betty becomes suspicious of Allen and the two decide to go through a marriage-strengthening program. This was good for the couple and Alan expressed his desire to end the relationship with Montgomery.

When questioned, Montgomery claimed that on the day of the murder, Betty confronted him about his relationship and used a three-foot-long ax to try to harm him. Montgomery maintained that he acted in self-defense by getting the weapon and turning on Betty. Montgomery never denied his involvement in the killings, and was arrested and tried before a jury.


Although the evidence against Montgomery was largely stacked, the defense made a number of curious arguments. For one, the killing weapon belonged to the whites and was kept in their garage, where Montgomery never lived. This clouded the preconceived notion: If Montgomery had no idea before he had the ax in Gore’s garage, how could he have planned to kill Betty that day?

Another tactic the defense team used was to recruit several psychologists to assess Montgomery. One of these psychologists even used hypnosis in Montgomery to bring out childhood trauma. Witnesses testified that Montgomery was triggered when Betty apparently “sucked” him, which her mother did when she was a child. The argument was that the trigger had forced Montgomery into an isolated trance at the time of the crime and did not understand what he was doing.

In the end these arguments were credible enough to the jury, and Montgomery was not convicted, a free woman was removed. For obvious reasons, this verdict caused a great stir in the community.

Where is Candy Montgomery today?

Montgomery’s husband surprisingly stood by her after the ordeal, although their marriage ended four years later. Montgomery dropped her maiden name and now goes by her first name Candy Wheeler. He is reported to live in Georgia and work with his daughter as a family therapist – a satirical gig for a woman who confessed to stabbing a friend 41 times.

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