Carrie Underwood Stance on the final Vegas show with costume change

Carrie Underwood For years his Las Vegas residency has been winding down and he is doing it in an epic style. The country music superstar’s mega-hit Residency has become one of the shows not to be missed on the iconic strip, so it’s no surprise that Underwood shut it down in such a poignant way. She has shared images from her final show and we can’t believe she has managed to change all the costumes she pressed on the set!

Carrie Underwood’s Las Vegas Spectacle

If Carrie Underwood has a favorite thing to do, it’s a spectacular affair. Underwood’s music is full of melodrama, so when it comes time for the “Before He Cheats” singer to do his Las Vegas residency, he’s convinced he’s planning a show to match. Underwood not only performed all his best hits, but he also performed on a stage that was like his: bigger than life.

There was pyrotechnics, acrobatics and a part where Underwood sang under the rain in a gorgeous blue ball gown. It was all gorgeous, and the photos of Underwood made fans who dropped out of the show feel like they were sitting in the front row.

Best Draw from Final Performance Underwood

Absolutely amazing set and out of special effects, Underwood was himself. Of course, she did give powerhouse performances, but we were also impressed with the type of outfit she wore on the set. There should be at least five costumes per performance and two were not identical.

Naturally, there were country staples like fringe and cowboy boots, but Underwood also showed some glam look like the aforementioned ball gown in the rainy season. Every look was something that Underwood could swing on the red carpet without any problems.

Although her Las Vegas residency year is over, at least there are some great memories to look back on thanks to Underwood’s Instagram photos. For the fans who were able to make it, it was probably an unforgettable experience that they will cherish for years to come. For fans who haven’t been able to make this go-round, at least it will serve as inspiration to make it next year!

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