Celine Dion’s family has health problems, accusing her of being forced to retire during the tour

Is Celine DionAre her kids worried that she is slowing down her health problems? A tabloid claims that Dion’s children want him to retire as soon as possible. Let’s check on Dion and her family.

Celine Dion takes ‘turn for another bad’?

The latest version New ideas Celine Dion has once again worried fans by canceling a string of European tour dates in the report, but her children are even more worried. Apparently, while Dion insists his muscle spasms are preventing him from performing, sources say his sons Rene-Charles, Eddie and Nelson are worried that “there’s more to it than that.”

“It simply came to our notice then [Rene Angelil] He died six years ago, “said an insider. “At first she spent all day working day and night, and partying with her friends while on tour as a way to distract herself from her pain, but lately, the kids noticed that she was always tired and burned. He doesn’t like to worry about the boys, they’ve already gone through a lot of losing their father, and he’s desperate to get himself back for them. “

Eventually, Tipster reveals that Dion’s eldest son is begging him to give it all up. “If she had her way, Celine would retire from the tour altogether. She’s made an incredible living for her boys, and she doesn’t understand why she’s pushing herself, “Snitch concluded.

Should fans be worried for Celine Dion?

This report is somewhat bizarre, to say the least. First, Celine Dion’s health problems are very real. The singer recently explained on Instagram, “I have to be in top shape when I’m on stage. I really can’t wait, but I’m still not there … I try my best to get back to the level I want to be so I can give 100% on my show because you deserve it. “

Apparently, Dion’s problems are serious enough to keep him from doing what he likes. But what the outlet doesn’t mention is that he has already rescheduled the tour. In the updated list, Dion will start performing again in early 2023 Of course, if Dion hadn’t been confident in his recovery, he would have already canceled the tour for good.

Also, it’s wrong to speculate so much about Dion’s children – two of whom are only 11 years old. We’re sure they’re not talking to tabloids, so we’re not buying what the magazine says about them. We make sure they only want the best for their mom. And judging by the pictures Dion shared on Mother’s Day, everything is fine for the family.

The tabloid on Celine Dion

Celebrity gossip magazines had a field day when Ceylon Dion worked on his health problems. This report from New ideas The tabloid comes just months after Dion was claimed to be in hiding. But other outlets have certainly had fun guessing about Dion. Women’s Day Recently claimed that Dion looked “damaged” and that he was “ruined.” And then National Investigator Dion was allegedly “too weak to sing” and had shrunk to 87 pounds. Apparently, none of these tabloids actually have any insight into Dion’s personal life.

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