Celine Dion’s inner circle reportedly fears she will ‘never sing again’

Is Celine DionHer friends worried that she was pushing herself too hard? A tabloid has claimed that the singer’s insistence on acting again could have serious consequences for her health. Here is the latest gossip about Dion’s health.

Friends begging Dion to ‘please retire’?

This week’s edition Women’s Day Celine Dion’s recent announcement in the report has worried her inner circle. The legendary singer has recently rescheduled his remaining schedule Courage The 2023 tour dates are due to a strain in his running muscle, but sources say Dion’s friends don’t think he’ll be good enough to perform by then. One insider admits, “She’s telling everyone she’s going to stop, but her loved ones are worried she’s working out before she recovers.” “Right now, retiring seems like the best thing to do.”

The outlet notes that Dion is looking “increasingly weak” lately. One source explained that Dion’s appearance was the result of his “pushing himself over the years.” Apparently, her friends are worried that she will not be able to perform physically even if she wants to. “Celine has been suffering from this illness for a long time,” Tipster admitted. “And the fear is that he will never be able to sing again.”

Is Celine Dion ‘pushing herself’ too hard?

If you think about it, this report is a bit silly. Celine Dion is a platinum-selling artist. He has embarked on 15 concert tours throughout his career and his year-long Las Vegas residency has broken both records. Performing is just what he does. But instead of starting another tour, he postponed it for almost another year. In an emotional video, Dion explains his decision and how difficult it was for him to do so.

So, how in the world can tabloids say that Dion is putting her career ahead of her health? He’s doing quite the opposite. In Dion’s own words: “I have to be on top when I’m on stage. I really can’t wait, but I’m not there yet … I’m trying my best to get back to the level I want to be so I can give 100% on my show because you deserve it. “

Apparently, he is listening to the advice of his doctors, and he is taking the necessary time to recover. Not to mention, we have no reason to believe that his muscle spasms are affecting his voice. So, while Dion is promising his fans that he will be able to sing, perform and travel the world again in a few months, it is ridiculous to suggest Dion “never sing again”.

Rumors about Celine Dion’s health

First, we recognize some of these “internal” quotes from the almost identical story published about Dion. National Investigator. We have easily debunked that report. But nonetheless, Women’s Day Celine Dion has her own track record on health. Last year, the outlet reported that Dion had “come back from the brink” after losing a dangerous amount of weight. And earlier this year, the magazine claimed that Dion was “not doing well” and was struggling more than ever. Obviously, Women’s Day Celine Dion doesn’t really have the medical skills to back up her alluring claims.

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