Channing Tatum was allegedly caught at a public ‘flirtfest’ with another woman,

Is Channing Tatum Being a little more comfortable with his new co-star? A tabloid claims that sparks are flying on its set Magic Mike 3, And his new girlfriend is not happy about it. Here is the latest gossip about Channing Tatum’s love life.

Caught in Channing Tatum ‘Flirtfest’?

This week, Women’s Day The report says that problems are already being created for Channing Tatum and his girlfriend Joe Kravitz. Tatum and Kravitz basically shut it down while working on their upcoming film Pussy Island, But sources say that Tatum’s new co-star could end their romance. According to reports, Tatum “looks extremely comfortable” with her. Magic Mike 3 Co-star Salma Hayek. When Hayek posted a video of himself dancing with Tatum on the occasion of the actor’s birthday, the fans started getting worried about the two. “Happy Birthday Channing !!! It’s a pleasure to be around you,” Hayek captioned the post.

“Oh-oh, her husband started thinking better,” commented one fan. However, sources insist that it is really Kravitz who should keep an eye on the two as their relationship is very new. And since Tatum has something to do with the on-set fling, he met his ex-wife Jenna Dewan on that set. Step up—Outlet warns that Hayek could be his next victory.

Is Salma Hayek rocking the boat?

This story is incredibly weak, and we have no problem dismissing it. First, Channing Tatum and Joe Kravitz have been tight-lipped about their relationship. So, the mere idea that this tabloid has some kind of insight into their romance is just ridiculous. In addition, Tatum is generally known as a fun-loving and friendly guy. No wonder he and Hayek hit it off, but we seriously suspect that something romantic is being created.

And that’s because Hayek himself has been married to Francois-Henry Pinolt since 2009 and has one child. Not to mention, Pinolt is chairman of the luxury group Kering, owned by St. Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Gucci. Pinolt is one of the richest men in the world. We know Tatum has movements, but we seriously suspect that Hayek is giving her husband the side for her.

The tabloid on Channing Tatum

But this is the first time we’ve encountered such a story about Channing Tatum. Last summer, Lifestyle Tatum claims to be very close to him The lost city of Jade Co-star Sandra Bullock. Then All right! He claims that Tatum failed to get Lenny Kravitz’s approval to date Joe because of her feminine reputation. And contrary to this description, Women’s Day Tatum once claimed that he had warned another actor to keep Joe Kravitz’s “hands off”. Apparently, the tabloids are set their way when it comes to tattoos.

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