Charlize Theron is accused of having an affair with another actor after being unmarried for 7 years.

Is Charlie’s theory Thinking of dating again? A tabloid claims that Theron has finally found romance on the set of his latest film. Here’s what we know about Theron’s new wife.

‘It’s on’ for Charlize Theron’s new romance?

This week, New ideas Reportedly Charles Theron is having an improbable flirtation with her Fast X. Co-star, Jason Momoa. “Sparks are flying,” an insider spread, adding that Theron was a good friend of Momoar because of his separation from his wife, Lisa Bonnet. “They were attracted to each other on the first day of shooting,” Tipster admitted. “It’s clear he’s scared of her … they must have chemistry.”

Who is Charlize Theron dating?

This rumor seems to be mostly supported by Theron, a recent photo shared on Instagram. In the photo, Theron and Momoa are wrapped in a friendly hug, which certainly excites fans in the comments.

But with the exception of this post and Momoar’s comment about Theron being “amazing”, we have no reason to believe that something romantic is being created. First, Momoa recently announced her separation from Lisa Bonnet. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. They are obviously trying to move forward with their separation with as much respect as possible because they have shared two small children. So, even if Momoa was interested in Theron – for which we have no evidence – we suspect that he would run into something serious so soon.

But is Charlize Theron chasing Jason Momoa?

Moreover, Theron does not date famously. In 2020, he told Drew Barrymore that he had not seriously dated anyone for more than five years. “I haven’t longed for that much,” he said. “I can honestly say, in my life: I don’t feel lonely.” He added that any potential partner would have to “come up with a lot of play” because he was not going to settle for anything less than the best. So, we’re not really buying the idea that he’s already looking at Momoar. Theron has just met him, and he has not yet filed for divorce from his wife.

For Theron’s shared film, we would say: Momoa has earned a reputation as one of the best actors in Hollywood. She is universally loved by all her co-stars, and this single friendly photo is just a drop in the bucket for them. Aquaman Star we are sure that Theron and Momoa quickly became friends because that’s exactly how the actor rolls. But for any romance, we will need a lot more proof before we can start making our “jarlies” shirts.

The tabloid on Momoa and Theron

Of course, New ideas Earlier in the story both Momoa and Theron were mistaken. In 2020, the outlet claimed that Theron was arguing with Jennifer Aniston because she was interested in Brad Pitt. The outlet then claims that Jason Momoa was “at war” with Chris Hemsworth. Given the tabloid misses in the past, we’re definitely not buying its latest story.

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