Charlize Theron is allegedly dating another actress for the former 5 years, suspicious

Is Charlie’s theory Finally dating again? Claimed a tabloid Atomic blonde The star has a secret new beauty. Here’s what we know.

What about Charlize Theron’s ‘low-key’?

This week, Our weekly News Charlize Theron secretly watches Gabriel Aubrey, ex-Halle Berry. Apparently, Theron and Aubrey have had a low-key on-again-again-arrangement since their meeting in 2017. “The term is that they see each other fairly regularly, and it’s a system that works for both of them,” an internal statement said. The outlet acknowledged that Theron had denied any involvement with Aubrey in 2017, but sources said he had a reason.

“It simply came to our notice then. People were making a lot of big deals out of it, and he didn’t appreciate indulging in his romantic life, “said Tipster. “Both he and Gabriel were relieved when the chatter went away. It gives them a chance to reorganize and return to work on their own terms under the radar. “

Is Charles Theron dating anyone?

These reports are both highly random and highly unlikely. To begin with, it is true that in 2017 rumors of Theron and Aubrey dating spread. The pair were photographed together on LA Beach, sending celebrity gossip outlets into a frenzy. But a few months later, Theron shot the rumor. “No. I did not meet him. I met him for about three seconds, “said Theron Aubrey. And since there were no other whispers about the accused couple after that, it seemed that the couple’s interaction was that brief.

And now, five years later, this tabloid is reviving this rumor. We’re not sure why the outlet saw fit to reconnect the two, but we seriously suspect something is happening. Moreover, this is not the first time that a tabloid has decided to spin such a story about Aubrey. Last year, we came across a report claiming that Jennifer was enjoying some low-key meet-ups with Aniston Aubrey. Rumors rumbled for a second before they were completely silenced because there was absolutely no evidence to support them. Apparently, the tabloids want to continue using Aubrey’s name in the press despite being separated from Halle Berry a few years ago.

The Tabloids on Charlize Theron

But Our weekly Charlize Theron is not the only tabloid to be impatient to start dating again. Back in April, All right! Reported that Theron was trying to date Brad Pitt. And more recently, New ideas Theron claims to have been watching him Fast X. Co-star Jason Momoa. Yet, despite this report, Theron appears to be completely unmarried. Although something is possible, it doesn’t seem that Theron is desperate for a date.

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