Check out these Royal Kids’ historical twins

The similarities between the British royal family are strong, and there are some striking similarities between the new generation of young royal families and their predecessors. New photos of photogenic tots have been shared to celebrate the recent Platinum Jubilee, and it is clear that this new bunch of young people bear a strange resemblance to their adults.

The Young Royals stole the show at the Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee proved to be a gold mine of entertainment for royal observers around the world. The festivities lasted from June 2 to June 5, and it was the first time in a long time that the old generation of the royal family was in touch with the new generation.

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Prince Louis must have stolen the show at every event he attended with his occasional naughty antiques. He was far from the only royal baby for the long weekend show, but royal fans couldn’t help but notice the first glimpse of Princess Eugenie’s baby boy August.

She looked so cool in her blue sweater that she had a gorgeous London jack on top. While it’s very interesting to deny the resemblance between her and her mother, we couldn’t help but notice how much the August baby looks like her cousin Prince Harry.

Baby August twins with cousin Prince Harry

Split image.  (L): Princess Eugenie is sitting and a young August Brooksbank is wearing a sweater with UK flag on her lap.  (R): Princess Diana is wearing an emerald green blazer and pearl necklace, holding a baby Prince Harry, playing with a white jumper.
(Photo by Chris Jackson (L) and Jane Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images)

Both are Redheads, probably inherited from his grandmother Sarah Ferguson in August, when Harry received his ginger lock from his mother on behalf of the family (although his grandfather Prince Philip also had a red beard that day). There is also a similarity in the shape of the eyes of the two boys, so it is clear day by day that these two are related.

No wonder our next royal Doppelgangers. Although his older brother Prince George usually compares them to their father Prince William, Prince Louis may be twice as likely for his Sir’s twins. Helping the analogy was the fact that little Louis wore a white shirt with a blue trim collar to pay homage to the clothes his father wore at his age.

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Prince Louis is his father’s son

Split image: (L) - Prince William, as a small child, smiles and shakes both hands.  She is wearing a white button-down shirt.  (R) Prince Louis is wearing a white shirt and looking away.  Her mother, Kate Middleton, to the right of the photo, whispers in her ear.
(Photo by Chris Jackson (L) and Jane Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty Images)

Although William was a little more blonde as Tot, his locks later became as dark as Louis’ hair color. The facial expressions of William that really drive the similarity for us. It’s almost as scary as Lewis’s many boastful expressions throughout Jubilee Weekend.

Speaking of ghostly similarities, let’s take a look at Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Like her younger cousin Lilibet Diana, Charlotte was named in honor of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Diana.

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Surprisingly, the person Charlotte is often compared to, of course, is her grandmother, Diana. Looking at pictures of Diana’s childhood, one can understand why these comparisons can only grow as Charlotte grows older.

Princess Charlotte and Grandma Princess Diana

Princess Diana, smiling and wearing a red dress and blue sweater as a child.
(Photo by Jonathan Buckmaster-WPA Pool and Fox Photo / Getty Images)
(Right) Lady Diana Spencer (1961 – 1997), later Prince Charles’s wife, 1969. (Photo by Fox Photos / Getty Images)

Charlotte’s sweet hair was almost exactly the same as her grandmother’s when the two were about the same age. There’s something about Charlotte’s shy, sweet smile that reminds her of Diana. Even her lovely, deep set eyes went from Diana to her. Other names for the young princess have also left their mark, but there is another great-granddaughter who bears a strange resemblance to the British king.

Baby Lilibate Diana’s Queen spit picture

Lilibet Diana’s first birthday portrait hit the internet as people wondered how much the little girl took after her father. He inherited Harry’s burning lock like his older brother Archie. While the resemblance between Lily and her father is clearly undeniable, there is something about her toothy smile that reminds us of her grandmother’s first birthday portrait.

A black-and-white portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as a child.  She is wearing a dress, sitting in a chair and smiling broadly at the camera.
June 1927: A portrait of Princess Elizabeth, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York. (Photo by Post / Halton Archive / Getty Images)

With that chubby cheek and a smile full of personality, Queen Elizabeth was a charming child and she obviously gave that charm directly to her new name. This is a bit of a stretch because kids have a tendency to share many of the same traits, but we can’t help but think that Lilibate and Baby Queen have the same hand.

We want to see what kind of person each of these royal young men grows up to be, and whether their personality resembles some of their royal looks.

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