Chris Hemsworth has allegedly been seen with another woman and is accused of fighting with her

Is Chris Hemsworth And Elsa Pataki Struggling to save their marriage? Multiple tabloids have claimed that the couple’s claimant career and authoritarian behavior are separating them. Let’s take a closer look at the rumors.

Elsa Pataki’s ex Chris Hemsworth ‘jealous’?

Last year New ideas Chris Hemsworth reports that Elsa Pataki has built a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Byron Bay because he was deeply insecure about his wife’s ex-boyfriend, Adrian Brody. “Chris will never admit it, but it always annoys him that Elsa’s ex bought him a castle and he’s been looking for a way to unify it for so long,” an insider revealed. “It seems like the only solution is to make Elsa something better, and that’s how the idea for Chris’s Byron Bay mansion came about.”

There were many reasons why we found this story so ridiculous. First, Brady didn’t buy a castle as a gift to Pataki. If so, Pataki will probably still be there There is A castle. Brody bought a castle for himself that he wanted to live in and shared it with Pataki while they were together. But after their separation, he spent seven years reforming it for himself and even filmed the experience for a documentary. So why in the world would Hemsworth spend 10 years with a palace that his wife almost once co-owned? The answer is that he will not.

Did Chris Hemsworth meet another woman?

Then Lifestyle Hemsworth reportedly was in “hot water” with Pataki when he was photographed in an outing with Australian model Shien Toji. Apparently, the photos immediately put Pataki on edge. “[She] Chris may believe it, but he’s not stupid. Who would want their handsome husband to walk around with a blonde bomb? A tipstar asked.

But we weren’t as apprehensive as the tabloids wanted us to be. First, Australian celebrities were spotted at a wildlife retreat with Hemsworth’s two children. Such environments rarely spell “romance” for us — and we seriously doubt that Pataki got the idea. In addition, Pataki’s social media shows him and Hemsworth as happy as ever, so we don’t see the excitement that the tabloids insisted on.

Hemsworth, Elsa Pataki ‘Living Separate Lives’

Finally, Women’s Day Matters between Hemsworth and Pataki were reportedly tense. The supermodel and her children recently traveled to Spain and sources insisted that Hemsworth was upset that she could not go with him. The actor was busy shooting Extraction 2 In Los Angeles, and according to the tabloids, Hemsworth’s career began to have a serious impact on his marriage. The Thor The star even once admitted that Pataki “must have given up more” than him.

Of course, we pointed out how many weeks this story was. According to the tabloids, Pataki and Hemsworth had to fight because he traveled without her. But Hemsworth’s busy career was nothing new, and Pataki certainly didn’t look upset about the trip on his social media. Just because Hemsworth had other obligations does not mean that he and his wife are struggling. Despite the negativity of all these tabloids, it is clear that Pataki and Hemsworth are doing well. In fact, there seems to have been an explosion between the couple and their children on a beach day a few weeks ago.

We have no doubt that the gossip will not stop, but fortunately, it does not seem to have affected the couple at all.

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