Chris Pratt remembers his late father wearing a bizarre mask in a touching tweet

Chris Pratt With a funny photo posted on social media, she remembers her late father and when the tweet was meant to be ridiculous, fans also found the actor’s feelings about touching her father.

Pratt remembers his late father in a funny social media post

“I imagine what my late dad would say if he saw me in my trailer wearing an infrared face mask with moisturizing ice pack in my eyes,” Pratt captioned a photo of him wearing a high-tech face mask and lying on a sofa. “Whatever it is … it will probably hurt my feelings.”

Fans liked the photos and accompanying jokes and shared their own father’s stories in the comments section. “Hahahahahahahaha. I am glad that his imaginary, loving traumatic words are still circulating around there, “one wrote. “I literally think the same thing if I put lotion on my face.” Another joked, “There’s no resemblance to the feeling of being hit with a moisturized cheek.”

Others have joked about Pratt’s famous role as Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy His relationship with the movie, as well as other Marvel characters. “I thought it was a new design for Starlord’s mask,” one wrote.

Another commented, “Are we going to ignore the fact that it looks closer to the Star Lord’s Mask? Ha ha ha.” Others point to the similarity of the face mask with the signature look of another Marvel character. “The new Iron Man has confirmed,” someone wrote. Another commented, “When you buy Iron Man on”

Actor’s upcoming Marvel movie

When it comes to Pratt, fans seem to have Marvel movies in their brains, no wonder. It seems like new information about the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Volume. 3 And Thor: Love and Thunder Being published daily. In both films, Pratt will play the role of Star-Lord again.

Although Pratt is playing the same role in both the movies, he recently said Gizmodo The difference he sees between the two versions of Star-Lord. “Okay, you know, there’s Peter Quill in the James song, and then there’s Peter Quill outside of the James song, which is in Camus. Vengeful person And now in Cameos Thor“He explained.

“And really Peter Quill is an extension of what I do when James is in charge. And Peter Quill what I do when he’s not in charge really lets me do something a little bit more than he probably wants me to do, somehow. So I guess that There will be a difference, “the actor concluded.

Likes blockbuster movie franchises from funny and sweet social media posts Guardians of the Galaxy And Jurassic WorldIt’s clear that fans can’t get enough of Pratt and his sense of humor.

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