Chrissy Metz’s first role in ‘Entourage’ was almost unknown

Chrissy Metz Now a leading star, known for his lead roles This is us, But the actress was not always a family name. In a 2018 interview, he recalled one of his first acting gigs and how it left him almost completely out of acting.

The acting that told Metz ‘I can’t do this’

Metz recently sat down with it Show todayLet’s talk about Hoda Kotb’s first acting work: a line in an episode of Entourage. “It was like 2006,” Metz recalled. “The scene was with director James Cameron.” Metz looks very young, and many fans are surprised that he was present on the show.

“Are you scared?” Kotab asked. “Are you kidding?” Metz smiled. “I went to the bathroom after rehearsals and cried to my manager on the phone, ‘I can’t do this, I didn’t audition with the scene, and they really want to tell me this hard line!'”

“And he was ‘like Chrissy,'” Metz continued. “You’re wearing your big-girl panties, and you go there and you do heinous things,” he and Cotb laughed as Metz showed off his shaky breath during the phone call.

Metz remembers ‘I’m not supposed to be an actress’

The actress went on to talk about how an actor offered her her “side” – a small part of the script that usually covers a scene – and a background extra told her “you actually have to hit your mark, and Then Turn. “

“I was, ‘I’m not supposed to be an actress,'” Metz said. He was able to quote a line from Cameron that he still remembers: “Sorry, Mr. Cameron, is sinking into the technology market an attempt to predict the impending sinking of the Titanic?”

His acting career

“Then you get out of that set …” Kotab began. “And I’m like, ‘I can’t do that,'” Metz concluded. However, it is clear that Metz has regained his nerves; He went on to appear on TV shows like American Horror Story: Freak Show, Last Ozzy, And SuperstoreAs well as acting This is us.

Kate Pearson’s role on the hit NBC show even earned her a Primetime Emmy Award and two Golden Globe nominations. Metz has also started appearing in movies like Netflix Teen Movie Sierra Burgess is a loser And the upcoming drama Stay awake. Metz fans loved listening to the actress’ self-doubt stories and were grateful that she didn’t give up acting in the end.

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