Chrissy Tegan responds to a fan who thinks she’s got ‘constant liposuction’

Chrissy Tigen Her husband John Legend has shown a lot of support for her performance, but a recent Instagram photo of the model and celebrity personality at the legend’s concert has persuaded a fan to claim that Tegan has received “constant liposuction”. Teigen quickly responded to the out-of-pocket comment and set the record straight in the case of his plastic surgery allegations.

Chrissy Tegan’s super chic concert look

As the number one fan of her husband John Legend (she dedicated an entire album to him so it’s just fair), Chrissy Tegan likes to take part in her concerts. For a recent performance, Teizen wore a pair of very sleek Daisy Dukes, which he paired with a black tank top and matching blazer. She posted several photos of herself in both before, during and after the concert, so we got to see the most glamorous concert from virtually every corner.

One photo, in particular, shows Tegan’s Instagram followers thanking him for Tegan’s crazy toned legs. Wearing a pair of knee-high boots to complete the outfit, Tegan holds his blazer tightly in his fist, which rises above his head. Her other hand is placed on her crooked buttocks in a posture that simply screams, “Go ahead and look at these legs, you know you want to.”

In fact, while we can’t say enough nice things about Tegan’s outfit, in this particular photo, her legs are really the ball bells. In the caption, Teigen, who was clearly leaning towards the pressure of where he got those beautiful shorts, wrote, “Shorts @ Area OK !!!!”

Fans love Leggy Tigen

As commenters quickly began to appreciate Tegan’s feet, one follower wrote, “Where can I buy these feet?” Another commented echoing the sentiment, “Okay but how do I get a foot ??” However, this was another answer, a similar comment that caught Tegen’s attention.

One follower wrote, “More interested in legs !!” To which another woman replied, “Constant liposuction, trainer and good diet … as she should. I’ll cry. “Tegen apparently looked at the comment fairly quickly, and responded,” ‘Constant liposuction’ is what you’re even saying about the cry. ” “You know … you’re in a filtration lipo system that’s stuck under your clothes.”

History of Tigen with Plastic Surgery

Tegan has come up with all sorts of cosmetic procedures over the years (and this has been undone for her breast implants), so we believe that her misconception about the term “constant liposuction” is untrue.

About a year ago, Tegan completed a facial fat removal procedure to reduce the fat on his cheeks, which created a more shaped effect on his face. His method was in months, the difference is impossible to miss. Teigen also recently gave up alcohol, admitting that he had not always had a healthy relationship with it and that he often regretted his actions while under the influence. This may explain why Tegan has been looking so toned and bright in recent weeks and months.

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