Colin Jost, Scarlett Johansson almost broke down about her supposed

Did Colin Joast And Scarlett Johansson Call it exit last year? More than twelve months ago, a tabloid claimed that Jost was sabotaging his relationship with his insecurities. Let the couple check in again.

Scarlett Johansson tells Colin Joast ‘It’s over’?

Last May, we encountered a story from Women’s Day Allegedly the relationship between Colin Just and Scarlett Johansson was on thin ice. The report claims that Jost and Johnson are considering canceling their upcoming marriage because of Just’s jealousy. Apparently, the “Weekend Update” anchor is “funny on stage, but sad as hell when the show ends,” an insider admits.

“[He’s] Incredibly insecure about her past relationship … Scarlett thinks she’s a different person these days. “

Are Scarlett Johansson and Colin Just OK?

It seems that as time goes on, stories like this seem more ridiculous. The magazine was clearly buzzing with the prospect of Jost and Johansson’s wedding – instantly scaring their fans that they might close it. But looking back at this story, we can see how wrong it was. About a month after the story was published, Jost and Johansson got married in a small, private ceremony at their home. Knowing this a year ago, it was clear that the tabloids really had no idea about the relationship between Jost and Johansson.

But a few months after we face the story, Johansson and Jost welcome their first child together – a baby boy named Cosmo. And as time goes on, we have more evidence that Jost and Johansson were created for each other. The couple starred together in a Super Bowl ad earlier this year.

And more recently, off by Johansson Drew Barrymore’s show And worried about keeping Jost as her husband. After commenting on Barrymore’s program that Jost looked at Johansson “the way a man looks at his wife,” the actress responded: “Just the feeling of being seen by someone else … just what it’s about to see.”

Tabloids on Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson

Of course, the tabloids that once made a mistake about Jost and Johansson did not stop him from doing it again and again. We covered a story from National Investigator Johnson claims he told Jost to resign Live Saturday night. Then Lifestyle Jost has been named one of the most heinous men in Hollywood. And more recently, In contact Jost and Johnson have claimed to be fighting the recent cheating rumors against the comedian. Obviously, these magazines have such a hard time finding the drama of Jost and Johansson’s relationship that they have to make some.

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